Monthly Favourites

Hello lovely internet friends! Goodness. Its almost February and that means two things; its closer to winter (my wimpy body cant take super hot weather) and monthly favourites. This month I stayed inside a lot to escape the heat, joined a lovely new gym, drank lots of ginger Kombucha and bought one too many moon … Continue reading Monthly Favourites

2017 Beauty Favourites

Hey Hey Lovely people. I was thinking last night about all the beauty products that I found in 2017, which I'm excited to use in 2018 and I wanted to share them with you. 2017 was the year where I discovered Aesop (and gave up eating lol), and the year where I tried to be … Continue reading 2017 Beauty Favourites

Things I Want to Invest in to Improve my Home ‘Space’

Hola. I'm about to start full time study again, and I will continue to work part time so I really want to ensure that my little home is comfortable, inviting, and cosy.  As a home body and someone who needs quiet and stillness to recharge I really place an emphasis on decor and on how … Continue reading Things I Want to Invest in to Improve my Home ‘Space’

Spicy Pumpkin Laksa with Mushrooms

Hello my sweet internet friends, I wasn't sure if I should call this spicy soup, laksa, or noodle soup.  I ended up going with laksa because it seemed the most accurate and also because I love laksa. This is comforting, spicy and life affirming.  I feel like this would be rather lovely served with some … Continue reading Spicy Pumpkin Laksa with Mushrooms

Dealing with Christmas Anxieties

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting my dog a sparkly red collar, watching Home Alone ( but not the 2nd one 😳), making mince pies, hanging up Christmas decorations, and looking at Christmas lights, but Christmas can also be a time for extreme stress and it’s the month where people often start their first … Continue reading Dealing with Christmas Anxieties

A Christmas Day Outfit for Different Scenarios

Howdy babes! It’s 6 days till Christmas, and it may be time for you to start thinking about what you are going to wear or else leave it to the last minute and have a total freakout as I often do. I was thinking about the different ways to spend Christmas Day with loved ones … Continue reading A Christmas Day Outfit for Different Scenarios

How to Layer Skincare Like a Breakout Free Boss

With skincare inventions like essences, retionals, Bhas, sheet masks, cleansing oils and 10 step Korean skincare rountines a girl (or guy) can end up feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed with how many things your meant to put on your face in the course of ten minutes. I feel ya. Please remember this is a … Continue reading How to Layer Skincare Like a Breakout Free Boss

8 Playsuits For Any Festive Event

Between you, me and Netflix, I’m much more of a playsuit kinda gal then a dress gal. Plus often playsuits give the illusion that you are wearing a dress to keep your grandma happy. It means I can still run, climb treams and pet my dog while looking a bit fancy and in Winter (how … Continue reading 8 Playsuits For Any Festive Event