Primers That Actually Work

Hello, If you are anything like me, an oily little monkey who in summer especially has their makeup slide off, if you need extra hydration, or if you have some pesky fine lines or pimples then primers can be your best buddy if you pick the right one, and take the time to properly apply […]

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Dealing with Hormonal Breakouts

Hello and Welcome to my newly renovated site, it’s looks very different and I hope you love it, I thought it embodied my ‘brand’ more as it’s bright, simple and fun while also being easy to read and allows my photos to be easily seen which I adore. I wanted to talk about hormonal breakouts […]

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Foods For Your Face

Weird title huh? 🙊 Bare with me here while I explain: today we are going to be talking about foods which have been shown to encourage gorgeousness in the different parts of the face. Slightly crazy idea but think about it; when you eat only potato type foods (been there done that), survive on chocolate […]

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Natural Skin Care Hacks and Tips

Hello Darlings. I thought it could be a wonderful way to celebrate the almost long weekend with a skin care post.  Showing your skin love can be expensive, and time consuming so it’s always wise to keep your finger on the pulse of any new, easy and cheap skin care solutions. I wanted to focus […]

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Lets Talk… Vegan Foundations

Are your looking for a great cruelty-free foundation? Then I’ve got you covered. I’ve created this list with more than one skin type in mind. The foundations mentioned below also vary in terms of coverage, finish, and ingredients, as to suit all skin types. Keep in mind that they’re in no particular order. I personally […]

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Fighting Troubled Skin

At 24, I still get hormonal breakouts each month and spots when I’m stressed or eating badly. To prevent them I use a number of products, tricks and methods as they really get me down. I also want to discuss the factors that contribute to pimples and some common myths that people suggest causes acne. […]

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