Healthy Food Swaps Number Two

Hello, My most popular post ever on the blog is the healthy food swaps post so I decided it was time to do another one, especially as summer is coming here in Aus, and that means skimpier clothing, I’m by no means saying that you need a summer body as any body is summer ready […]

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Healthy Food Swaps

Hello, Weekend Peeps, I think one the easiest, and most effective way to shape up, get healthier or just find simple ways to eat better is to find alternatives to the foods you love and crave. For me, that is sweet things or foods made out of potatoes, I’m not saying you should always swap […]

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Banana Muffin Museli

If you like me are always on a mission to eat better (even while baking choc chip cookies or eating peanut butter from the jar) then I may have a way to get rid of your cravings whilst still keeping your waist line from blooming. I have been experimenting with using fresh fruit in my […]

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Toasted Gingerbread Museli

Hello! Let’s talk about breakfast for a second; I love breakfast! Pancakes, tofu scramble, breakfast bowls, waffles, muesli, porridge, the list of deliciousness┬áis never ending. ┬áI hate to sound like your grandma or annoying aunt but eating breakfast fuels your day, kick-starts your metabolism and helps your body to get rid of its sleepiness. I […]

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