3 Taco Recipes

Hello, Lets Taco about Tacos. I love tacos for a nutritious, fast and fun weeknight dinner option, or for when friends visit. You could use hard tacos, soft tacos or some type of large green leaf like a lettuce or spinach leaf for a lighter option to hold the taco mix. Tortillas can also hold […]

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3 Dinner Recipes

Hello Sweets, I am dangerously balancing my almond milk chai latte on my lap as I write this, I had a lovely morning yesterday going to the Farmers Market with my lovely Mumma (who I think is the reason why I love healthy food and organic markets) and my lovely boy too! I got tiny […]

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Monthly Favourites

Dear Lord! It’s almost July! This month I went out dancing on a Wednesday night, found dad the cool vase that’s in the photos, discovered vegan brownies, ate far too much peanut butter ( as normal) and on Sunday I celebrate a favourite lady’s 92nd birthday 🎁 ❤️. If you enjoy this post please check out […]

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Healthy Food Swaps

Hello, Weekend Peeps, I think one the easiest, and most effective way to shape up, get healthier or just find simple ways to eat better is to find alternatives to the foods you love and crave. For me, that is sweet things or foods made out of potatoes, I’m not saying you should always swap […]

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Monthly Favourites

Hello, Petals. Goodness Me, It’s almost very much June. This month I bought my dog a hoodie which she looks very cute in, ate Nepalese for my dad’s birthday, placed an Asos order, played video games with my boyfriend and studied more than I’d like to. My favourite magazine, Frankie put out their annual ‘cosy’ […]

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Butter Chicken Not Chicken Curry

Hello, The first signs of autumn appeared last week which was hugely exciting for this winter gal. The weather made me want to rush out and purchase spicy apple candles and eat pumpkin dishes. This is one of them ! This is spicy, warming and rather delicious.  I love serving it with brown rice, and […]

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Walnut Mushroom Bolognese

Hello my gorgeous internet good vibe tribe. I apologise that last week there was only one post; I had a nuts week with my first few days back at uni and such, but I’m back to share with you one of my favourite recipes which I hope you will also love. I like to serve […]

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