Dealing with Christmas Anxieties

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting my dog a sparkly red collar, watching Home Alone ( but not the 2nd one 😳), making mince pies, hanging up Christmas decorations, and looking at Christmas lights, but Christmas can also be a time for extreme stress and it’s the month where people often start their first … Continue reading Dealing with Christmas Anxieties

My Go To Ten Minute Dinner

I wasn’t sure what to call this: ‘10 to 15 Minute high protein meal’, ‘ Scrumptious Vegan stir fry‘, ‘ Whatever you have in the cupboard meal’ or ‘Healthy yummy plant based thing’. This is my favourite thing to eat when I’m hungry and need nourishment. It’s fast, comforting, filling and delicious with any sort … Continue reading My Go To Ten Minute Dinner

A Christmas Day Outfit for Different Scenarios

Howdy babes! It’s 6 days till Christmas, and it may be time for you to start thinking about what you are going to wear or else leave it to the last minute and have a total freakout as I often do. I was thinking about the different ways to spend Christmas Day with loved ones … Continue reading A Christmas Day Outfit for Different Scenarios

Gifts for the Beauty Devotee

I cant help it. Beauty needs a whole gift guide to itself! Don’t be mad 😅🙊💄. There is something about beauty, which allows one to face whatever type of day is ahead and I think this idea is an important one. Beauty is a type of armor and this should be celebrated. I think that … Continue reading Gifts for the Beauty Devotee

A Gift Guide For all Sorts of People

Hello. Before we begin it would be super lovely if you could have a look at my Facebook page under the same name 🙊. This month's favourites is being replaced by a gift guide for you know what (Christmas) despite the fact that it's about 1000 degrees where I am and Mariah Carey's songs playing … Continue reading A Gift Guide For all Sorts of People

8 Playsuits For Any Festive Event

Between you, me and Netflix, I’m much more of a playsuit kinda gal then a dress gal. Plus often playsuits give the illusion that you are wearing a dress to keep your grandma happy. It means I can still run, climb treams and pet my dog while looking a bit fancy and in Winter (how … Continue reading 8 Playsuits For Any Festive Event