How I’m Changing My Mornings

Hello Loves,

I have a confession to make, I am not at all a morning person being a night owl most mornings are a struggle as I feel like a sleepy sloth, but I am trying to change this little by little and make mornings less of a drag and more of a sunshine experience.  This is my ideal routine and it really does not happen every day, I also don’t go for a two-hour run, read inspirational quotes or write a gratitude list like so many people somehow seem to manage every morning. *Images my own or via Google.

Routine Add-Ons

  • I invested in a morning moisturiser with ginger and ginseng to wake me up, and also use a waking up toner spray with a rose essence before SPF. The moisturiser from is from Mecca and the toner from Priceline which both give me something to look forward to each day.
  • I make a morning smoothie, and chose a different recipe each night via Pinterest or my own favourites to make mornings more interesting ( I have a whole post on this just last week).
  • I try and do a different eyeshadow or makeup look.
  • I take 10 minutes each morning to watch a fun or informative youtube video with my morning cuppa, often a makeup tutorial or a recipe idea video.
  • I plan what to cook for dinner and write the ingredients down on my phone.
  • I stretch for ten minutes, with an emphasis on back and leg stretches to wake me up.
  • I call my loved ones on the way to work or university to start off on a good note.
  • I deal with the ‘ frogs’ things I am putting off such as replying to emails, making phone calls or booking appointments first thing so they don’t hang over me all day.
  • I listen to some sort of ambient or chill playlist on apple music.
  • I always, always take my dog for a long walk and tell her about my plans for the day.
  • I set an alarm to go to sleep and one to go to bed to ensure I get a good amount of sleep each day.
  • I turn off all phone noises so they don’t stress me out first thing.
  • I write a to-do list on my phone and make it in different colours for different things like green for dinner, red for appointments, yellow for emails and blue for plans with friends or family.
  • I cuddle my dog and tell her she’s a good girl and then go to work.

Please tell me about your morning routines in the comments as I’d love to hear them.♡

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