Skin Products That Could Be High End

Hello Internet Fam,

I thought it could be fun to discuss products that feel end and give high results but don’t come with the big price tag, these are products that make your skin look and feel amazing, give a flawless finish and have the quality of a high-end product. These, of course, will be cruelty-free, and I have tried to cover all budgets and preferences.


Elf Cosmetics Hydrating Essence –This makes my skin feel like silk, and provides a beautiful layer of moisturiser without the hefty price tag of most skin essences, I use this before moisturising and after cleansing. I have heard this compared to the $150 plus SKI essence which is crazy.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Cleanser – If you have oily, or acne prone skin that needs some love, this guy may be your perfect match, this feels high end because of the results it gives and the glorious smell. I also really enjoy this brand’s hair care.

The Ordinary Peeling Solution –  A word of warning, this is strong and you definitely need to do a patch test before use, this is comparable to high-end exfoliants and is wonderful if your skin is feeling dull or is suffering from blemishes. The ordinary is changing the game when it comes to high-end dupes.

Jade Massage Roller –  If you can’t afford facials, or your skin is often puffy look into a jade roller, I was given mine by a lovely friend and it’s amazing. I put mine in the fridge and use it with serums and moisturisers for a cooling, soothing, and de-puffing facial massage. Invest in a well-reviewed, not too cheap one if you can.

Pixi Rose Oil Blend – If your skin is mature, dry or acne scarred rose oil can be wonderful, and although this one isn’t super cheap, it lasts ages and is cheap when compared to many other serums offering similar results. It also has almond oil, jojoba and geranium oils for nourishment.

Tea Tree Clear Skin Serum – This serum contains very similar ingredients to the Sunday Riley UFO (which is amazing), this is for skin that is ageing and also blemishes prone, with vitamin C, retinol, niacinamide, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil its a winner in my books.

Hemish All Clean Cleansing Balm – If you are on the lookout for a reasonably priced, luxury feeling cleansing balm meet your match. This smells lovely, melts away makeup and has ingredients like shea butter, citrus herb oil, and coconut extract to moisturise and tone.


Elf Essence –

Shea Cleanser –

Peeling Solution –

Rose Oil Blend –

Tea Tree Serum –

Hemish Cleanser –

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