Primers That Actually Work


If you are anything like me, an oily little monkey who in summer especially has their makeup slide off, if you need extra hydration, or if you have some pesky fine lines or pimples then primers can be your best buddy if you pick the right one, and take the time to properly apply it with a foundation brush or beauty blender.

These will of course by cruelty-free and I will also try to have a wide range of budgets catered for, as well as different skin types. I hope you find a new primer to love and adore.

What should a primer do? Primer is a base for foundation (or tints or other formulas) that allows makeup to be applied more smoothly and longer lasting, it basically gives your skin something to cling on to.  They come in gels, creams and powders depending on your skin needs, and foundation formula preference, they can help with everything from colour correction to disguising fine lines. I’ve heard this crazy thing around the beauty community of using men’s shaving lotion as a primer don’t do this, it is not meant as a primer and will likely badly break you out.*Media not all owned by me. ♡


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer – This is my current primer of choice because it makes my makeup last longer, counteracts oily skin, stops foundations from looking overly dewy and has SPF 15. I think this would be a perfect pick for most skin types as it hides both wrinkles and blemishes, and the formula is easy to apply and stays put. This is quite expensive so I would recommend trying the travel sized version first.

Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer – I am very impressed by the Tatcha brand and its science behind skincare so this product excites me, this would be a perfect pick if you have mature skin or if you work or live in a place with lots of pollution as it contains ingredients to counteract pollution and stress on the skin, as well as anti ageing superfoods. The formula is creamy, pearly and silky to apply.

Innoxa Anti Redness Primer – This is a lovely option if you suffer from acne, rosacea or sensitive skin to counteract any redness and even out skin tones, it contains soothing ingredients and shouldn’t make fragile skin feel more so.  A good pick for any skin types that suffer from sun damage, redness, or other sensitivity related skin issues.

Australias Blemish Buster Primer – This is a wonderful primer if you have acne, pimples or acne scarring as it will fight the blemish whilst priming your skin for makeup, if you have acne it is important to create a barrier between the skin and makeup, as makeup can clog pores, and this does the job beautifully. *Please do a patch test before using this product as some things made for acne can actually worsen it in certain people.

Mecca Comestica Fresh Faced Primer – If you have dry skin this would be perfect as it contains with Hydroviton, a moisturising ingredient based on Hyaluronic Acid which works naturally to help the skin’s capacity to retain water.  This smells lovely, applies like a dream and fills in fine lines.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer – If you regularly apply eyeshadow, then girl/ guy you really need to get an eyeshadow primer, so your gorgeous gold eyeshadow, smoky eye, or cut crease will stay put after all that work. This stops shadow from creasing, makes it smoother, and makes it stay put.


Veil Primer –

Silk Canvas –

Anti Redness Primer –

Australias Blemish Buster Primer –

Fresh Faced Primer –

Eyeshadow Primer –

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