Healthy Food Swaps Number Two


My most popular post ever on the blog is the healthy food swaps post so I decided it was time to do another one, especially as summer is coming here in Aus, and that means skimpier clothing, I’m by no means saying that you need a summer body as any body is summer ready if you wear sunscreen and a hat.

Swaps are one of the simplest ways to eat better without sacrificing what you crave.

Let’s get into the swaps. * As always Photos are my own or via Pinterest.

This for That

Fruit Juice for Coconut Water – If you want a refreshing drink that isn’t water, reach for coconut water with natural electrolytes and a delicious taste, if you dislike coconut try one of the naturally flavoured options.

White Rice for Cauliflower – This a great swap for curries, stir-fries, or other rice dishes, you can make your own or buy it in the vegetable section at the supermarket.

Sliced Bread for Pita Bread – White bread although a winner for fairy bread, isn’t always particularly healthy, by choosing pita bread you get more nutrients and the fillings such as lettuce, hummus, tomato and tempeh also tend to be healthier.

Burger Buns for Lettuce Leaves –  From a purely caloric perspective using lettuce in place of buns will slash through calories but give you that burger feeling if you use the same ingredients.

Sugary Cereal for Porridge – Porridge will keep you full and power you till lunch. If you find oats boring add in seeds, fruit, nuts, nut butter and a little sweetener to make it more interesting. Overnight oats are another great option.

Dessert for Smoothies – If you want something sweet, consider a smoothie with blueberries, bananas, spinach leaves, cocoa powder and peanut butter to satisfy your sweet tooth, dates can also be a good addition.

Cake for Bliss Balls – I make bliss balls to take with me to university, with almond butter, oats, chia seeds, dairy-free chocolate chips, oats and vanilla pea protein powder. I also like ones made with bananas, oats and sultanas. Much better for you than cake and still goes well with a cup of tea.

Pasta for Legume Pasta – Swap white for legume pasta and get a decent amount of protein, fibre and healthiness without sacrificing on taste, this is especially good with a walnut pesto or anchovy free puttanesca sauce.

Brownies for Zucchini Brownies – Most brownie recipes will taste almost exactly the same if you simply add in two or three zucchinis to the mix to get a serve of veggies (and cake).



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