Dealing with Hormonal Breakouts

Hello and Welcome to my newly renovated site, it’s looks very different and I hope you love it, I thought it embodied my ‘brand’ more as it’s bright, simple and fun while also being easy to read and allows my photos to be easily seen which I adore.

I wanted to talk about hormonal breakouts that happen around that wonderful time of the month (ugh), sorry guys but this would still apply if you deal with regular breakouts or pimple patches. There are ways to prevent your skin from flaring up during your period, and there are ways to calm it down once it’s already happened which I want to talk about today.  These pesky things are most often brought on by estrogen and progesterone, so if you are getting regular intense breakouts balancing your hormones, rather than skin fixes like this would be the best way to go via a doctor or other holistic health professional.

Most of these tips are simple, cheap and easy to do and I hope you find something new to help during this crappy time.

As always I am no fancy professional of any sort, these are just the things that I regularly do to fight spots, *all photos my own or via Tumblr. ♡

Balancing Act

Pore Refining – Around the time of your period, or in the week before your skin becomes more sensitive due to hormone surges, now is a great time to employ your products like charcoal masks, scrubs, acidic treatments and gentle peels to dry out excess oil and balance the skin. I like products by Eve Lom, Origins, Sukin and Aesop for this.

Step Away – It’s especially important during skin flare-ups to avoid touching, picking or scratching at pimples as this causes the bacteria to spread. Changing your pillows, bedding and pyjamas are also important.

Spot Treatments – Although there are literally thousands and thousands of pimple treatments on the market, its really important to pick one that doesn’t have a huge ingredient list, or contain lots of ingredients that you haven’t heard of before, simple is best. I like to use Witch Hazel, Tea Tree oil, and other products which also work at stopping scaring such as Rosehip oil or Aztec clay.

Dairy –  I never want to be one of those people who preach about a certain diet too often, but I think it can be a wonderful help if you can to cut down on dairy as it has been linked with flare-ups and inflammation in the skin. Dairy may be totally fine for you but for some, their system can’t cope with it as well and it is worth exploring further.

Avoid – Avoid beauty treatments such as facials, waxing, threading and overuse of skin care products while your skin is more prone to redness.

Water – I’m not going to go into why this is important because we all know that, but if you find it hard to meet your daily water quota, consider having a jug of water in the fridge with cucumber, mint and lemon added in for interest.

Probiotics – Probiotics are effective anti-inflammatories, which makes them great for helping to soothe redness, irritation and skin conditions including acne, rosacea and dry skin. I am currently trialling the ‘Glow’ powder by the Beauty Chef which I am enjoying so far but any wide strain prebiotic will do the trick.

Sleep, sleep, sleep to heal your skin from the inside out, and always, always wear sunscreen (wintry days included).

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