Monthly Favourites


I’m afraid this month’s July and August favourites have accidentally merged and become one post as I was behind on July and now its the middle of August, I had a busy month with my boy’s birthday, my mums and my own as well as general life stuff.

In the last couple of months, I have spent a lot of time under my heated blanket with my pooch, baked almond butter brownies, saw swan lake on ice, did lots of upper body workouts and ate delicious things like peas and avocado on toast, tofu sushi and laksa. I also started regular pilates workouts (just with youtube) at home when I can’t get to the gym or am too sore to workout. I spent lots of time with my self appointed grandma and feel very lucky to do so.

I have changed the beauty section to beauty and self-care so that I can also discuss other self-care products that I am enjoying. As always all products are cruelty-free to the best of my knowledge. As always I’ll begin with a quote I enjoyed this month. My apologies again for no July favourites but working and studying sometimes gets a bit hectic.♡ * Photos my own or via Pinterest.

Fall seven times, stand up eight – Japanese Proverb.

Monthly Favourites 


Almond Butter Bars – I have been buying these from my local supermarket and I’m sure that your one would have some of these or in the very least a similar version, the ones I buy have oats, almond butter, dates, salt and chia seeds as ingredients, I like to take them to eat between studying or post workout.

Soup – Soup is underrated if you ask me, it provides energy, is an easy way to pack in a whole heap of vegetables, is great if your sick and keeps you warm. I make many soups, my favourites are any type with lentils, leek and potato, spicy pumpkin, tortilla soup and dhal soup served over rice.

Home Made Museli –  When I’m at dads house I make a museli with pecans, pumpkin seeds, oats, raisins, dried blueberries, cashews and maple syrup and it’s so darn good. I also like the recipes by Oh She Glows and Delicious Ella. One day soon I want to buy a powerful blender so I can make my own almond or cashew milk to go with it. I’ve also been loving special K with lady finger bananas and almond milk.

Beauty and Self Care 

Origins Clear Improvement Mask –  A couple of times a month I get pimples and I hate them, when this happens I will put this on to any spots each night for around 3 days and it really helps to ease the angry redness and bring them down, if my skin is feeling particularly sensitive I will avoid this as it can make it a bit red, but overall it has been a great addition to my routine.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray –  I believe in the power of smell to improve your mood and this product is no exception, I spray this on my pillow before I sleep and it really calms me down if its been a long or tough day and also fills my room with a lovely relaxing scent. This would make a wonderful gift for someone who is a little stressed or who likes aromatherapy. I also enjoy their sleep balm and candle.

100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Hair Treatment – I have thick, unruly hair that gets super knotty if I use the wrong products, I recently bought this gorgeous smelling spray and it really helps me to detangle and smooth post-shower, I really want to try more products from this company as I think we are a good hair fit.  It has no nasties or weird chemical names.

Tech/ Tv/ Internet/ Books

The Girl Before by J.P Delaney – This is a gritty, psychological read which contains a few intense, hair-raising scenes so be mindful of that before buying it. It is the story of two women living in the same house at different times, the rental agreement comes with some very weird rules and ideas. I was equally intrigued and disturbed by the book and am eagerly awaiting the upcoming movie.

Lee Homes Clean Lean Green Cookbook – I love buying cookbooks and am really enjoying my latest addition by Naturopath Lee Holmes. It has recipes like chive pancakes, mint slice with hidden spinach, homemade mayo, nut mixes and pumpkin porridge. Her gut cookbook is also lovely.

Boho Beautiful – I may have mentioned this before, this is a wonderful youtube channel, of a girl travelling the world with her boyfriend while filming great pilates and yoga lessons all over the globe. I really enjoy her instruction style as well as all the different locations and it builds up a good sweat if you concentrate and work hard. Stretching is so important for a happy body.


Origins Mask –

Pillow Spray –

Leave in Spray –

The Girl Before –

Clean Lean Green –

Boho Beautiful –

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