Blush Picks

Hello, lovelies.

I think blush is one of the most underrated and underhyped products out there, if you are tired, sick, hungry, or sad I can almost guarantee that you will feel better if you apply a little blush. Everyone seems to go on and on about contouring and bronzing but no one brings up the power of blush so today that’s what I’m hoping to do.

All blushes will be cruelty-free and vegan to the best of my knowledge. Some of these are expensive but most will last you upwards of a year. *Photos not all owned by this blog.

Blushing On

Hourglass Mood Exposure Blush – This is a beautiful, beautiful formula which is buttery but also long-lasting, the colour is a soft pink colour with coral undertones, I have this blush and rely on it most days. Perfect for fair to medium skin types. Vegan.

Perricone MD No Blush Blush – This rosy goodness is perfect if you have mature or dry skin or are afraid of blush as the formula is forgiving, easy to use and provides a natural, gorgeous pinky red glow to the cheeks, the formula is one I haven’t seen before and hope it will be repeated by other brands. Vegan.  * This brand sells to China but their products sold to the Us, Aus and England are cruelty-free and most often vegan.

Stila Convertable Colour in Peony – Stila recently pulled out of their China market and I love them for it because now I can use their products again. This lovely little dusty pink blush is perfect if you are on the go or prefer no fuss products as the cream formula is simple to apply to both lips and cheeks.  It is what I would call a dusty pink, they also have colours to suit all skin tones. *I believe this is vegan but please check before buying as the website is not clear.

Tarte Clay Blush in Peaceful – This is often sold out because it’s so popular, this is a mostly vegan company that infuses their makeup products with skincare loving ingredients which I admire. Peaceful is a slightly shimmery bright pink that is great on a night out, when you feel tired or when you just want your blush to pop. It is a blush made especially with oily skin babes in mind as it doesn’t budge. Risque and Blissful are also lovely colours to check out in the range.

100% Pure Blush in Raspberry – This natural and organic company relies on solid ingredients that ensure your makeup lasts through hot days or stressful meetings despite the natural ingredients. Raspberry is between red and pink and is soft while also really changing how your face looks. I like the powder formula and how one sweep shows up on the skin. A colour that should suit all skin tones.

Scout Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Innocence-  This is a mineral blush so it will feel and look a little different to regular blushes, this is wonderful if you have any type of skin issues like acne or rosacea as the formula won’t irritate sensitive skin. Innocence is an apricot colour and is a soft wash of colour rather than an intense one, great for work, school or for bad skin days.


Mood Exposure –

No Blush Blush –

Peony Blush –

Peaceful Blush –

100% Pure Blush –

Innocence Blush –

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