Skin Series.. Part Four


Welcome to a series on the blog where I will be discussing and suggesting cruelty-free skin care routines for different skin care types, this one is for acne-prone skin types and will be the last in this little series. I was hesitant to do this skin care type because its a skin type that needs to be treated with the utmost care, and where possible with dermatologists and doctors but these are the things I have relied on during bad breakouts and have found to be both gentle and useful. If you have this skincare type please invest in your skin and don’t skimp on good products or advice.

Just a little disclaimer, I am no skincare guru, dermatologist or expert, rather just an avid lover of skin care and beauty. These are the products I have either used, heard good things about or know people who rely on them.

I am not including SPF because I think that is something that needs to be tried and tested for the individual but PLEASE SPF SPF SPF every single morning (winter included).

Naturally, all products will be cruelty-free and vegan where possible. This is a basic routine and if you have the budget I would recommend using a different morning and night moisturiser and adding in an eye cream, and a lip balm with SPF.* Photos my own or via Pinterest.

Please remember with this skin type to be gentle with the products you use, change your sheets regularly and don’t, I repeat don’t pick at blemishes if you are desperate to get rid of a pimple see an extractor or dermatologist don’t do it at home as this may cause scarring.

Suggest Routine for Blemish Prone Skin


Acne Facial Cleanser by Marie Badescu – This cleanser is simple which is want with acne prone skin and will soothe while treating active spots, salicylic acid is your bestie if you have spots and is something to look out for in products. Vegan.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash – Tea tree oil is a great option for acne-prone skin because it kills bacteria on the skin, while also healing old marks, this cleanser is a great budget option and also isn’t too harsh if your skin is also dry, tea tree does have quite a potent smell at first but I quite like it now. I would recommend a patch test before using this as this oil isn’t for everyone. Vegan.


Origins Zero Oil Purifying Toner – I have come to admire Origins as a brand that is both natural and smart. This is quite a strong toner and needs to be followed with a proper moisturiser so the skin isn’t stripped, but it does get rid of excess oil, fight blemishes with that marvellous salicylic acid and makes the skin feel taut and clean. Vegan.

Essano Clear Complexion Toner – This company does lovely body washes and I have heard great things about this natural toner, it has that wonderful ingredient witch hazel, as well as green tea and willow bark to tone. I like how simple the ingredient list is and how well priced it is. I also enjoy the smell and formula. Vegan.


Eve Lom Rescue Moisturiser –  This is a luxury product and feels that way. It is a light formula and is great because it doesn’t clog pores, but also makes the skin feel supple. This again has salicylic acid, witch hazel,  and pomegranate extract to soothe angry skin. A great pick if you have the money to invest. Vegan.

Tatcha Water Cream – This is another fancy option but around Christmas and throughout the year they put out smaller, less expensive versions so keep an eye out. This is such an incredible, beautiful to use the product that controls oil and doesn’t clog pores.  It’s light but nourishing and has a cult following for good reason. Great for all skin types but especially good for sensitive, oily or acne prone skin types. Vegan.

Serums and Oils

Mutki Antioxidant Serum –  This is a great choice if you want to provide your skin with an extra protective barrier after using lots of anti-acne products, it will moisturise, heal and give the skin a much-needed dose of vitamins. Vegan.

Bare Minerals Anti Imperfection Serum – This combats blemishes whilst also addressing redness, inflammation and angry skin and smells lovely too. Great for healing marks left by spots and stopping future scars. Also, love this brand’s mineral foundation which is perfect for blemish prone skin. Vegan.


Acne Cleanser –

Tea Tree Cleanser –

Zero Oil Toner –

Clear Complexion Toner –

Rescue Moisturiser –

Water Cream –

Antioxidant Serum –

Anti Imperfection Serum –

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