Insecure Days

Hello Sweets,

Today I want to discuss those weeks when you haven’t been to the gym enough, your friend has lost a tonne of weight, you didn’t get the grade back you wanted, your jeans feel too tight, your skin is breaking out and you can’t afford to go to Europe or buy those new shoes.   Basically, everything is feeling slightly off and you are feeling more blue and less Beyonce.

Insecurities are different for everyone and no one should judge you for what you are insecure about. I generally worry about my weight (no matter how thin I am), how I don’t look like a certain celebrity or loved one, and perfectionist issues around grades and performance. These are the things I do and practise when I’m having a particularly insecure day.

As always I am no expert in the field. If you are really struggling with insecurities, and these worries are taking up a lot of your brain space, please consider talking to a professional, whether that be a doctor, psychologist or even a wise friend. ♡. * Photos my own or via Pinterest.

  • I find on poor self-image days limiting social media can really help, if you have someone on your social media who appears to have a perfect life and makes you feel worse, consider unfollowing them for a little while.
  • Models and celebrities have teams and teams of people who make them look like that, they have personal chefs, fitness instructors, hairdressers and makeup artists to make them look that way. Also airbrushing is also real.
  • Where possible avoid people who make you insecure, this could be as extreme as finding a new workplace or as simple as not attending a family event if someone will trigger you anxiety or insecurities.
  • Get moving, if you feel crappy go do some weights, take a class or do some stretches in your living room.
  • Remember that your insecurities aren’t visible to others, no one can see your insecurity. They are too worried about their own insecurity to notice your insecurity.
  • Think back to compliments people have given you and keep them in a little notebook to refer back to on a gloomy day.
  • As hippie as it sounds, thoughts create your reality, if you are constantly thinking how fat you are or how you could have done better in a test your day isn’t going to be beautiful and bright.
  • I seriously can’t recommend yoga enough for changing how you feel about yourself and your body.
  • Try out a new makeup look, read a book, buy a new dress or make a smoothie, get out of your brain.
  • Listen to yourself talk and try and think the opposite if your current thought is bad for you.
  • Create a list of movies and songs that make you feel good that you can turn to when you feel insecure and needs a distraction.
  • Thigh gaps, thick glossy hair and abs are somewhat genetic and some people can never have those and they do not make you happy, strong or successful. Remember that.
  • Shows like Next Top Model, The Bachelor and other reality TV shows are ones I generally avoid but especially when I’m feeling body conscious.
  • Eat food that makes you feel good and gives you good energy rather than focusing on calories.
  • Things like bronzer, lipstick mascara and eyebrow pencils can provide a great confidence boost when you need one.

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