Skin Series.. Part Three

Hello, Loves.

Welcome to a new series on the blog where I will be discussing and suggesting cruelty-free skin care routines for different skin care types, this one is for my oily/combo gals and guys (also my skin type).

Just a little disclaimer, I am no skincare guru, dermatologist or expert, rather just an avid lover of skin care and beauty. These are the products I have either used, heard good things about or know people who rely on them. If you are having a bad time with your skin, whether that be through acne, eczema, rosacea, or something else please invest in yourself and go see a dermatologist.

I am not including SPF because I think that is something that needs to be tried and tested for the individual but PLEASE SPF SPF SPF every single morning (winter included).

Naturally, all products will be cruelty-free and vegan where possible. This is a basic routine and if you have the budget I would recommend using a different morning and night moisturiser and adding in an eye cream, a lip balm with SPF and a twice weekly mask or scrub.  * Photos my own or via Pinterest.

Suggested Routine for Oily/ Combination Skin 

I realise that oily skin and combination skin types are both rather different from one another but often you need to control oil, fight blemishes, and dehydration for both of these. You also need to watch out for large pores, and marks from blemishes so these products are mindful of all these issues.


Eve Lom Cleanser – This is liquid gold and the price reflects this, I basically have to stop eating for a week to afford this but it is worth it when you need nourishment and anti-blemish properties, it also smells like a spa and melts away even the heaviest of eye makeup. Vegan.

Marie Badescu Enzyme Cleanser – I don’t often go for gel cleansers as even with a quite oily skin I prefer a cream or oil based cleanser, but this is lovely as it balances oil but also moisturises the skin.  A great cleanser at a great price (it’s a big bottle too). Vegan.


Pixi Glow Tonic –  This is one of those products that is actually worth the hype that surrounds it, this is hydrating, brightening and exfoliating.  It’s something you need to introduce gradually, say one to two times a week if you have sensitive skin. Vegan.

Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner – Oh gosh, first up we need to discuss the beautiful minimalist bottle which will sing on your dresser, this has witch hazel, green tea, and natural acids, if you have some money to spend and want to spoil yourself this is gorgeous for oily and combination skin. Vegan.


Origins Ginzing Moisturiser – I have heard a lot about this product and was excited to try it,  a little goes a long way leaves and has a soft matte feel. It smells a little like orange juice and doesn’t leave any tacky residue or make the skin overly oil. A winner for most skin types but especially for oily or combination. Vegan.

Salt and Glow Skin Souffle – This is a treat for skin that is congested or oily as it clears up the skin while fighting dehydration and has a light, almost whipped texture to it. I like using this before SPF and makeup as a sort of primer and moisturiser in one. Vegan.


Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil –  A word of warning, this isn’t cheap but it is incredible. I have had only had a sample of this and am eagerly saving up to buy the full size. This is light weight, brigtening and I have heard great things about its ability to heal acne scars and pigmentation spots. It feels both soothing, and toning somehow. Wonderul and Vegan.

The Oridinary Rose Hip Oil – This product is simple, clever and nourishing. It softens skin, fades pimple marks, and feels so soothing while doing it. A game changer for the price point.


Eve Lom –

Enzyme Cleanser –

Glow Tonic –

Jasmine Green Tea Toner –

Ginzing Moisturiser  –

Souffle Moisturiser –

Marula Oil –

Rose Oil –

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