A Birthday Post

Guess what? It’s my birthday tomorrow! I am going to the Zoo with my mum and dad and on the weekend will celebrate with my boyf, I bought a new green dress and a polka dot dress because I couldn’t pick just one (bad).

The only thing I’m mad about is that Nelson Mandela’s birthday is today and we could have shared a birthday, he is such an incredible man. I can’t wait for my dog to celebrate even though she doesn’t know what she is celebrating which is the cutest thing. 🐶

I want to share 20 lessons I have learnt recently, in the last year or gradually over time. I hope you enjoy this post as its slightly different to my normal posts. 💕


  1. Makeup ain’t gonna do anything if you don’t first invest in the best skincare you can afford. If you have twenty dollars to spend on a cleanser or an eyeshadow always go for the cleanser.
  2. Saying no is something you need to practise if you are someone like me.
  3. Raw cakes often have the same calories in them when compared to a regular cake so if you prefer a big slice of good old chocolate cake go for that instead.
  4. Good health is a blessing and is something to be treasured.
  5. Animals deserve our help so much.
  6. Keep cans of lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, and sweet corn in the cupboard so you can always cook something. Same goes for rice and stock cubes.
  7. Surrounding yourself with plants is good for mental health.
  8. Service animals are incredible and deserve a National day of recognition.
  9. When it comes to bronzer and contouring less truly is more.
  10. If you have extra time, money or energy please consider volunteering or donating to anything that helps cancer.
  11. Making your own pet food is so much better for your pet and their future.
  12. Crying doesn’t  make you weak. Crying is a sign of intelligence.
  13. If you can’t afford a personal trainer, look in to classes at your local gym to keep you motivated and to work on your form.
  14. If you are lucky enough to have kind parents and grandparents spoil them.
  15. Baking and listening to music at the same time can be a cheap form of therapy.
  16. De cluttering your phone once or twice a fortnight will also declutter your brain space.
  17. When choosing a highlighter go for a subtle, non sparkly formula as these are elegant and more flattering then glitter versions.
  18. Celebrate any occasion you can with loved ones.
  19. Essential oils in shower products get brownie points for their relaxation factor.
  20. Its okay to pick a career, then pick another and still not quite know what you are doing. You are human.

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