Skin Series.. Part One

Hello Gorgeous People,

Welcome to a new series on the blog where I will be discussing and suggesting cruelty-free skin care routines for different skin care types, the first being for sensitive or dry skin types.

Just a little disclaimer, I am no skincare guru, dermatologist or expert, rather just an avid lover of skin care and beauty. These are the products I have either used, heard good things about or know people who rely on them. If you are having a bad time with your skin, whether that be through acne, eczema, rosacea, or something else please invest in yourself and go see a dermatologist.

I am not including SPF because I think that is something that needs to be tried and tested for the individual but PLEASE SPF SPF SPF every single morning (winter included).

Naturally, all products will be cruelty-free and vegan where possible. This is a basic routine and if you have the budget I would recommend using a different morning and night moisturiser and adding in an eye cream, a lip balm with spf and a twice weekly mask or scrub.  * Photos my own or via Pinterest.❤️

Suggested routine for Sensitive or Dry Skin. 

As a general rule, the main thing you want to achieve with dry or sensitive skin is to nourish the skin, up the moisture levels, and reduce sensitivity as well as protecting from environmental factors. Also good product suggestions for those living in Harsh climates.


Ren Ever Calm Cleansing Milk – This isn’t harsh and won’t disrupt the skin’s barriers, it removes makeup and doesn’t sting, it has a silky texture and is also meant to be good for any small blemishes or marks. Vegan.

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm –  Let me start by saying this little guy ain’t cheap, it is a luxury cleanser and I think sometimes you can pay for quality and this would be one example of that.  This is a wonderful option if you have sensitive, dry skin and are also concerned about fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s gentle and full of skin loving oils. I cant find the Vegan status but I have read the ingredients and I can’t see any beeswax or dairy but I would ask in store.

Toner – 

Origins Mega Mushroom Soothing Toner – If you have redness associated with dryness this may be your new bestie, I want to add in that this won’t make your face smell like mushroom risotto, but it will soothe and provide an extra skin barrier before moisturiser. Origin is a great natural brand that I trust. Vegan.

Trilogy Rose Hydrating Mist Toner – I think this would be an amazing toner in summer because it’s in a mist form, and it has a good amount of moisture in it and it smells like roses. Trilogy is a great brand for mature or dehydrated skin, I will say that a small number of skin types can react to rose scents so test this before buying. Vegan.

Moisturiser – 

Dirty Hippy Moisturiser for Mature Skin –  If you enjoy totally natural products that do actually work then this little jar may just make your day.  It’s got Carrot Seed Oil, Blueberry Extract and Evening Primrose Oil to plump up skin and isn’t too thick like some creams for sensitive skin. Vegan.

Ren Ever Calm Protect Day Cream – I can’t do a post on reactive skin without out at least one ren product so this is the second. This is wonderful if your skin is sore, prone to redness or just generally feels uncomfortable and tight. Vegan.

Serum – 

Darphin Chamomile Serum –  This is another expensive product (although oils do tend to be an expensive part of a routine) but it is luxurious and is also great because its scent is really relaxing if you use it before bedtime. Perfect for calming, nourishing, and de reacting the skin overnight. This is another one where I can’t see any animal by-products on its ingredient list but don’t want to get that wrong.

Josie Maran Argan Milk Treatment – I swear by argan oil for my thick hair, and I have heard great things about this serum for sensitive skinned people, it is known for its hydrating properties, and when skin is properly hydrated often it’s reactive properties reduce , I also like how it doesn’t have a huge list of ingredients like some serums do.


Ever Calm –

Blue Moon –

Mega Mushroom –

Rose Mist –

Dirty Hippie –

Protect Day Cream –

Chamomile Serum –

Milk Treatment –

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