Gifts and Gestures for Mentally Ill Loved Ones

Hello Sweet People,

I wanted to share this post with you as a bonus to my regular two weekly posts because I think it is so important to speak out about mental illness in a world that can sometimes be full to the brim with stigma.

I have a mentally ill family member who I adore, have friends who suffer from it and also have had my fair share of ups and downs when it comes to crappy times. These are the products, and ideas I think could be helpful when a friend is down, a family member is suffering from depression, or you yourself are feeling like some extra TLC. *Photos my own or via Tumblr.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. – William James

Self Care Products 

A Card – If you have a stressed, or strung out family member sometimes a handwritten note in a funny card that you know they will like can be such a simple, lovely gesture.

Wheat Bag – If you have a loved one with depression, sometimes it can come with aches and pains like headaches, cramps, and tummy aches so a wheat bag can be super helpful, and comforting when it’s cold.

Pillow Spray – If you have a friend who is having issues with slumber, then one of these can be soothing, and lovely. I like the one by This Works, but any kind of lavender/chamomile blend for sleep will work, you could also make your own using essential oils and some sort of alcohol solution.

A Book – This could be any distracting sort of book, perhaps they are interested in crystal healing, in plants, in dog breeds, in true crime, in cooking, or in Harry Potter, find a book they will love and treat them.

Bath Salts/ Bath Bombs – If you have a friend who finds baths chill them out, consider buying them a bath bomb or jar of salts when they are having a crappy week. Lush does ones especially for sleep, and French Girl Organics does gorgeous, luxurious bath salts if you want to spend a bit more.

Face Mask – If you know a gal or guy, who is really suffering from poor mental health to the point they don’t want to get out of bed, consider a face mask, as applying something like this for 10 minutes can remind them about the importance of self-care. I like the ones by Mecca, This Works, Aesop, and French Girl Organics.

Food – Remembering and knowing someone’s favourite food can be such a gorgeous simple gesture of caring, and love. For me, that would be avocados, nut butter, fresh pasta, nuts, chocolate, berries, cookies or fruit bread ( it doesn’t just need to be chocolate or alcohol!).

Foam Roller – Achy muscles can be wonderfully benefited from rolling out with one of these slightly scary rollers that definitely do help ease muscle tension and soreness.

Perfume –  If you want to splash out for a loved one a perfume can be such an uplifting and lovely thing to give if you know what type of scents they gravitate towards. I like scents by Aesop, Byredo, Malin and Goetz, and the hippy ones from the health food store.

Wishing you and your loved ones much peace. 🌺😚

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