Monthly Favourites

Dear Lord! It’s almost July!

This month I went out dancing on a Wednesday night, found dad the cool vase that’s in the photos, discovered vegan brownies, ate far too much peanut butter ( as normal) and on Sunday I celebrate a favourite lady’s 92nd birthday 🎁 ❤️.

If you enjoy this post please check out my other monthly favourites, and without further ado let’s get in to. As I write this my dog is curled up with me under the heated blanket and we are listening to Florence and the Machine. 🐶

I have changed the beauty section to beauty and self-care so that I can also discuss other self-care products that I am enjoying. As always all products are cruelty-free to the best of my knowledge. As always Il begin with a quote I enjoyed this month.

Wishing you a ‘ Hygge’ July. ❤️

Find Comfort in Chaos – Unknown. 🌹

Monthly Favourites


Brownies – I have been buying these delectable brownies from my local health food store which are made with almond butter, arrowroot flour, raspberries and cocoa. So darn good! I think they would have similar recipes on Pinterest. Vegan.

PB and Bananas on Toast – This was one of my favourite snacks as a little one which I have recently rediscovered. I add peanut butter, banana slices, maple syrup and pumpkin spice on two slices of rye bread for my lunch. It’s perfect when paired with a cup of New York Breakfast tea. Yum! Pancakes be scared. Vegan.

Farmers Market – I wasn’t sure where to put this one so it’s going in food. This beautiful palace of a place has amazing fresh mushroom and spinach pasta, big gorgeous brown mushrooms, huge daisy bunches, walnut bread and tiny crunchy apples. Yes, please.

Beauty and Self Care 

Witch Hazel – I recently got my helix pierced and as someone with both a nose piercing and a lot of other ear piercings, I was surprised by the pain. I have been using witch hazel to clean the piercing and I feel like it somehow helps with the after pain. I also put this on spots to try them out and on wounds if I run out of antiseptic. An amazing, ancient, and soothing product which I think should be in every medicine cupboard. Look for one without alcohol in it if you can. I buy mine from the health food shop. Vegan.

Therapy Chamomile and Lavender Diffuser – I was thrilled to find a company who does beautiful products, and have a diffuser range which is cruelty-free ( that my friends is rare). This is lovely and soothing, and I get whiffs of it as I fall asleep.  I also love their candles, and man products. Vegan.

Elemis Superfood Day Cream –This costs a fair few clams, and I had to save up for it but it’s been very worth it, its serum-type moisturiser and is full of ginger, matcha tea and berry essence to help with pigmentation, fine lines, and sun damage. I love how lightweight it is also but also potent at fighting dehydration and premature ageing. Vegan.

Tech/ Tv/ Internet/ Books

The Dry by Jane Harper – I actually read this thriller about a year ago but recently started the sequel which seems equally as thrilling and surprising. The book is utterly addictive, and I found it hard to take a break from it, reading it within a couple of days. Jane has managed to create realistic characters, dealing with very tricky situations. You feel ever so sorry for the main characters at times and I love how she conjures up the Australian landscape being an Aussie myself. I will update you on her next book but so far so good.

Riverdale – Between you, me and WordPress, I’m pretty embarrassed at how much I enjoyed this show, its a teen drama if you haven’t heard about it, with mystery and intrigue. I enjoyed it as a good release after a long day and I also loved the Betty and Jughead characters, if you want something fun, mysterious, a bit silly and in some parts, well-done TV check this out.

Pixi Woo – I can’t believe I havent mentioned this channel before! I think everyone knows this lovely lady and her sister as beauty gurus, and makeup artists on Youtube. I have learnt a lot about makeup and how to apply it, with videos like ten-minute makeup, mineral makeup, how to fill in eyebrows, celebrity how to’s and applying false lashes I think even the best makeup lovers could learn something new.


Brownie Recipe –

Diffuser –

Day Cream –

The Dry –

Riverdale -

Pixi Woo –

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