Products I Wouldn’t Repurchase

Hello, Sweet Potatoes,

I decided as I’m always talking about products I do love, how about instead talking about products I wouldn’t repurchase or the ones which I don’t think live up to their hype, or there are better alternatives. I believe this is called an anti haul and I plan on making these a regular thing around here.

If you have any overly hyped or hated products please pop them below in the comments. I’d love to hear them !

I’ve concentrated on high end purchases rather than drug store ones cause girl / guy buying expensive products to find they aren’t at all what you hoped for is worse then stepping on a wet patch in socks.

* Images my own or via Pinterest.

Hyped Products

Benefit Porefessional Primer – This product is raved about, but in my opinion it’s thick, slimey and my pores look no better or worse. I dislike this because the brand isn’t upfront about their testing policies, and you can get very similar primers by Elf which are better and way cheaper than this hyped up baby.

Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops – I so wanted to love these because I’m all about that glow life but when I mixed these with my foundation it just made me look shiny and kind of sweaty. I do think these could work better better on dry skin babes though.

Glam Glow Super Firming Mud Mask – I was attracted to this product because it’s so shiny and I am basically a big magpie when it comes to sparkles.  Firstly this mask smells like a chemical cocktail which most often means it’s bad for the environment, it didn’t give me that wonderful tightening feeling on application and it made my face scarily red like an angry tomato or large strawberry. Not good.

Liquid Lipsticks – This is more of a category than a single product. As someone with lips that are almost always dry no matter what, lipsticks that set on your lips and give you a tight, tingly feeling do me no favours. The lip oils by Hourglass have been a revelation for someone like me.

Becca Aqua Luminous Concealer- This wouldn’t be a bad option if you have gorgeous skin but for me with a few blemishes, I need more coverage and this is almost water like in texture and shows up even the finest of lines.

Too Faced Peaches and Cream Bronzer –   This is glittery and pink, two things that should not be representative of a bronzer if you ask me.

Stila Colour Correcting Primer-  When I am sick I basically look like Rudolph with a pink nose and cheeks, so I like to keep a redness reducing primer in my arsenal for sick days. This is good and does work somewhat at concealing redness but for so many pennies I’m not sure, Australias does a great one at a fraction of the price so I can’t justify it.

Too Faced Shadow Glue – This didn’t do any better job then me just putting my normal primer over my lids before applying eyeshadow, it also made my eyes water and I didn’t like the feeling. It’s no from me, sorry lovely.

Happy Not Shopping 😘 













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