My Favourite Beauty Books

Hello, you lovely lot.

I love beauty. I read books, listen to podcasts, devour blog posts and eat up any information I can get when I get my makeup, eyebrows or hair done. All in the name of beauty.  I also can’t wait to be a proper grown-up who can afford monthly facials and extractions.

The following books have been instrumental in teaching me the important beauty basics as well as a huge amount of tips and tricks like how to make red lipstick last, an example routine to do on a long haul flight and beauty kits to give to those who are sick. * Images my own or via Pinterest.

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together – Elizabeth Taylor

Books to Love

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes – I can’t quite put into words how much I love this book or explain how much it has taught me if you only ever buy one beauty book let it be this one. Sali is a beauty editor and she discusses everything from beauty when going through chemo, how to apply highlighter, a suggested everyday skincare routine, and the perils of Botox. A true blessing of a book.

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz – I can’t believe I’m recommending a book written by yet another actress, but this one is actually good. Cameron discusses everything from nutrition to beauty, by approaching topics hollistically and recommending products and tips for every part of the body, with a big section on beauty, and faces.

Amazinger Face By Zoe Foster Blake – I love love love this book, it’s hilarious, informative, useful and full of knowledge, I loved it so much that I even bought this updated version after buying the first, Amazing facebook. She now has a skincare range that’s cruelty-free and natural which I really truly want to try.  This book covers everything from what nail polishes flatter pale skin, how to do an updo in five minutes, products to avoid during pregnancy, and skin care routines for each decade. Also a beautiful layout and design.

Get Gorgeous: A More Beautiful, Confident You in 21 Days by Christel Vatasso – This book has some really good tips about fashion and beauty from two woman who were models, and they now work with young models, I really enjoyed the book but I didn’t always enjoy how she spoke as it made her sound arrogant. If you take her advice with a big pinch of salt then it’s a good informative read.

Face Paint: The Story Of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge – I adore and admire Lisa Elridge’s Youtube Channel, and look forward to her weekly videoes. This is the story of makeup and how it began, if you are a beauty devotee, then this is such an interesting and glamorous read and is full of gorgeous pictures. It explores holly wood icons, ancient beauty practices, and how modern makeup could be in the future. I don’t have a picture of this book as I borrowed it from the local library (yes I still go to the library).


Pretty Honest –

Body Book –

Amazinger Face –

Get Gorgeous –

Face Paint –


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Beauty Books

  1. OMG! I was desperate for some awesome beauty/skincare books! Thank you soooo much for this post. I can’t wait to start reading!
    Wishing you physical and moral beauty always,
    Ash 🙂

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