Let’s Talk.. Colds

Hello sweet people.

My ‘Let’s Talk ‘ blogs are a series of posts which I write in the hope of sharing some different remedies, tips and ideas with you to help with stressful situations, health and skincare issues. I am no expert but these are the ideas I practise on a regular basis. They could be ideas about health, beauty, makeup, eyebrows, food, pets, cooking, tea, organising, sleep, yoga and many other things.

I currently have a rotten crappy cold and it’s inspired me to share what I’m doing to get better, and generally do each time I get a cold. These also do work for flu symptoms but I would recommend first seeing a doctor to check you don’t need extra help to get strong again. 💕

It was my lovely friend’s birthday Saturday night and I ventured out with my boy, and friends for vegan coconut donuts and hot chocolate and it was so lovely. Donuts also help!

My Favourite Cold Remedies

  • Steam. Fill up a big bowl with hot water and stand above it with a towel on your head and breathe in and out. This helps to clear the lungs and generally energise, bonus points if you use essential oils which focus on breathing or relaxation.
  • Juice. A shot of orange, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and a little water will help to clear the throat.
  • Rest. You know this! Stay in bed with a new book, a dog and soothing music.
  • Make a tea wirh turmeric root, ginger root, lemon juice and your choice of sweetener, top with hot water. Check with your GP that turmeric is okay for you.
  • Saline. This isn’t the lovelies to chat about but a saline solution can really help to unblock, you can get a set for your nose from your local chemist.
  • Soup. I like to make a vegan version of chicken noodle soup with carrots, macaroni, faux chicken stock, corn, and peas. Miso is also really good when you feel less than sparkly.
  • Hydrate. Whether or not you feel like drinking you really need to drink something. Herbal tea, regular tea, homemade lemonade, and turmeric lattes are my go tos.
  • Cook. Chose foods with garlic, ginger and onions.
  • Vapour Rub. I buy a natural version from The Physic Garden which is so lovely if you can get a hold of it.
  • Gargle. Try warm water and salt to help heal sore throats.
  • Icey poles. Cold things can be so soothing. Watermelon, cucumber, and lemon are all good flavours to try.
  • Yoga. Pick poses to help clear the nasal passages, Yoga with Adriene, Yoga with Candace, and Sarah Beth Yoga all have videos on this.

Wishing you a healthy season wherever you are!💕



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