Skincare For Stress

Hello beauties.

I thought it could be a fun, and informative post to discuss skincare, and beauty that can aid in some small way to deal with stress and hard times through beauty.  It’s important to remember that beauty, self care, and outer wellness all comes from the inside. So love you, support you, and nourish you wherever and whenever possible. I am currently going through an intense time at university, and am feeling the strain.

Without further ado, let’s get into stress busting beauty and please enjoy the photo of my girl trying to drink tea, cause tea and dogs always help 💕.

  • If the stress in your life is making you look tired, or exhausted it can be helpful to switch up your makeup, simplify it, or on the flip side add more elements according to what makes you feel the best. I personally like to go all out with eye make up when I feel crappy and make myself go out and get a chai latte or walk my dog with my boyfriend.
  • When applying your makeup, watch YouTube, listen to your favourite music, or tell yourself five things you love about yourself ( sounds so hippie but it works).  A simple thing like this makes makeup more mindful.
  • Go out and buy yourself either a new face mask, or fancy body lotion, I would recommend something with lavender in it to calm or something soothing like camomile. I like Dr Bronner for body lotions, and Aesop for face masks with stressed skin in mind.
  • If you have the money treat yourself to a facial, if you need a budget option, look into local beauty schools that offer this cheaply.
  • If you are having trouble sleeping, look into a shower gel, or body lotion that targets sleeplessness, Lush does a lovely one.
  • Think about creating a beauty kit for when you need a pick me up. It could include a mini favourite lipstick, an extra concealer for angry skin, a perfume sample cause smelling good helps most things, and quotes you get friends or family to write to read when you feel low.
  • Do a whole beauty treatment in your shower. Apply a face mask, do a body scrub, do a hair mask, add lavender oil to the bottom of your shower, and finish by painting your fingers and toes.
  • If you feel up to having friends over, organise a movie night and learn a new way to plait hair together, or DIY your own face and hair masks. Pizza and Harry Potter also really help.
  • If your skin is breaking out, do not I repeat do not pick it, instead apply tea tree oil to spots, and buy a green based concealer to apply before your regular one.
  • If your eyes are puffy, de puff with cold cucumber slices, or two teaspoons placed in the freezer for ten minutes.
  • Can I just say that blush is a wonderful thing when you feel crappy, it really does instantly brighten. I am enjoying the Hourglass ones ( worth eating only chickpeas for a week for).
  • Although candles aren’t beauty, they can be so helpful in creating a safe, and cosy space. I enjoy Yankee and Circa Home, especially cinnamon, pear, vanilla, chocolate and Wood scents ( basically I like desserts and autumn).
  • Mascara can also be wonderful in waking up the face. I like the Too Faced ones or the Balm ones.
  • Take things slow and realise that sometimes the only way is up. Be kind to you ❤️




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