Skin Foods

Hey Hey Petals.

As we move slowly into winter, and contrastingly some of you move into summer, extreme weather can cause havoc to the skin, and I think it’s important to nourish yourself from the inside out ( all year round) and some foods really help this and today I want to talk about them.

It saddens me when people complain of their bad skin, despite trying all the different creams, lotions, and gels and they don’t consider their environment, diet, nutrient levels or think of getting a blood test to make sure everything is okay in terms of vitamins and minerals. Health and skin in my little opinion needs to be viewed holistically.

Having said this some skin conditions happen for no rhyme or reason, I personally find that my skin really shows when I’m eating too many sugary foods, or when I’m exhausted and am not choosing to rest. I also get red skin when I’m run down or coming down with a cold. Your skin holds so many secrets.

Let’s get into foods for skin health. * As ever I am not expert just someone who enjoys researching and writing. 💕

Skin Foods

Olive Oil – Olive Oil is full of nutrients that can help with ageing, out of oils such as avocado, macadamia and sunflower, research has shown this is beauty is the best. Add to salads, pasta, and as a spread on toast.

Dark Chocolate – Not just a third exam this week food, but also one that contains hydrating factors. Try it on porridge, with almonds, and sprinkled on to fruit.

Kale – This somewhat scary green leaf is great at easing small amounts of sun exposure, and also has a good level of antioxidants. Add to roast veggies, make into chilli chips, and add to your pumpkin soup.

Walnuts – If like me you get eczema, my doctor suggested chomping on walnuts as a snack as they have lots of good fats which can aid in helping dry scaly skin. Also lovely in banana bread, and salads.

Plant Milk – If you have any inflammatory skin issues from acne to eczema, ask your doctor if it would be good to change to a plant-based milk. My faves are almond, coconut and oat

Strawberries and Citrus Fruit – Vitamin C encourages collagen production and tastes darn good while doing it. Make your own healthy lemonade,  strawberry and cream smoothies, or create a raw pie.

Fortified Cereals –  If like me you don’t eat meat, or much dairy, I would recommend looking into a fortified cereal such as Special K, or Bran flakes to encourage mineral and vitamin absorption which benefit the skin.

Sugar –  If you truly want good skin you need to ditch the glorious white stuff, The rush of glucose into your bloodstream sets off a process known as glycation, in which sugars attach to proteins and form advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These molecules naturally build up in the skin as you get older, but the more sugar you eat, the more AGEs you have.  Look into natural less sweet alternatives and rely on naturally sweet foods rather than artificially sweet ones.

Websites to find recipes that nourish the skin 

  • Deliciously Ella
  • Oh She Glows
  • Naturally Ella
  • Elsa’s Wholesome Life
  • Women’s Weekly
  • The Healthy Chef







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