Let’s Talk.. Morning Rituals

Hello Sweet People,

I am not a morning person, but I truly want to be one of those people who bound out of bed each day at 6.30am with bounds and bounds of energy,  I have health issues which give me exhaustion which is no excuse but I wanted to share with you the morning rituals which I have been trying to implement and do and how these are helping me, especially as it continues to get colder, and bed seems cosier. I have been to the gym twice this week before 7.30 so these things must be working.

On a completely separate note, it’s getting quite cold here and I have wrapped Lola up like a little pink dog burrito, and it’s so darn cute.

Morning Rituals 

  • I think it’s important to begin the day with your favourite drink, and taking any vitamins or medications you need to take. For me, this is Iron, B12, probiotics, and a huge mug of tea. My current favourite teas are simple Twinnings morning tea, or New York Breakfast, Canberra Breakfast or Chai all from T2.
  • I also put on my favourite song for that day, normally something chilled out like Angus and Julia, Lisa Mitchell, Lapsley, or of course Lana Del Rey.
  • Be Still, this means something different for everyone, you could sit in your garden with a mug of coffee listening to the birds, light a candle and write a to-do list, for me, this is walking my dog without technology distractions.
  • Stretch. I can’t stress enough how much the body enjoys to be moved in this simple but delicious way. Rise and shine and stretch to make your body sing (or at least not creak).
  • If you can first thing put your phone in aeroplane mode while you slowly, and peacefully awaken.
  • If you have a partner, wish them a gorgeous day, and maybe pack them a cute little note with their lunch.
  • Fill up a big jug of water with cucumber, and mint or just plain lovely water to remind you to drink consistently throughout the day.
  • Ignore social media for at least an hour after you wake up
  • Make your drive or commute to work better. Add a lovely smelling car diffuser, play fun music, listen to your favourite radio station or try out a new podcast. My current favourite podcasts are the Melissa Ambrosini show, The Yoga Girl podcast and the Potterless podcast ( if you are a Harry Potter Nerd who hasn’t listened to this rush to your phone right now).
  • Clean one small space in your home, such as putting away your dishes, or taking down the washing. This makes me feel so productive first thing.
  • Finally, focus on the fact that mornings do not have to perfect, and you have a new one very, very often.

Wishing you peaceful, slow mornings, especially on the weekends ❤️.  * Photos my own, or via Pinterest.



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