Monthly Favourites

Omg, I am writing my monthly favourites for April. What.

This month I worked on my essay writing skills, downloaded and got obsessed with the Harry Potter iPhone game, ate delicious homemade spring rolls cooked by a lovely friend and danced a few nights away.

I just cut my finger pretty badly dicing carrots for my dog’s dinner so if you notice more spelling mistakes or weird sentences that is probably why.  I am a truly accident prone person who also loves cooking, which is not always the best combination

Without further ado lets talk favourites, beginning with my favourite monthly quote. ❤️

‘’A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself ‘’. 


Soup – It is ever so slightly colder here, which means I have happily busted out my big soup pot, I like making lentil soup, leek and potato soup, pumpkin soup, and basically any other soup you can think of that doesn’t have meat in it. I get most of my ideas from Pinterest, Mumma or my boyfriend’s Nana Rose who is a bundle of light.

Blueberries – I really enjoying snacking on these while I study, and I love how they taste a little like lollies. They are so good with coconut yogurt, or with porridge.

Banana Bread – Not really healthy but oh so good. I like making mine with walnuts, and choc chips. My go-to recipes come from Deliciously Ella, or the Cookie and Kate apps from the App Store.

Makeup/ Skincare/ Beauty

Aesop Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner –  I have thick, unruly hair and this really helps, since I no longer dye my hair and only wash my hair a couple of times a week, I allow myself to buy beautiful hair products when I can and Aesop is the definition of that.

Paw paw Ointment –  An Aussie staple for a reason! I mix together coconut oil, and pawpaw ointment as I get eczema on my feet, and this is one of the only things that makes it less itchy and dry ( sorry if TMI), it also makes them soft which is a good thing cause feet are gross. Go for petroleum free where possible.

Bare Minerals Matte foundation- I have combination to oily skin,  and find it hard with foundations as they don’t stay on or they turn me into break out Betty. This powder has a wonderful shade range, it stays on, and you can build it up when needed. I use mine with the Nyx Angel primer, and the Bare Minerals under eye concealer for a full coverage look.

Tech/ Tv/ Internet

Pretty Little Lies – In my opinion HBO does no wrong when it comes to making fascinating and gripping television, this series is no exception. It’s about a crime in a school amongst other things and I love it. The book is also wonderful which I read first. This show does contain domestic violence and is pretty full on so be careful if you are feeling sensitive or have a history.

Tati On YouTube – This girl is so famous within the beauty community and I think this for a reason; she is so funny and relatable while also being knowledgeable about everything makeup. I love her. Her trying weird beauty products and her hauls are my favourites to watch.

The Yoga Girl Podcast – If you love yoga, female empowerment and entrepreneurship, and don’t mind strong launguage then this is the podcast for you. Her book is also great.


Aesop Haircare-

Matte Foundation –

Paw paw Ointment –

Tati YouTube –

Yoga Girl –

Wishing you a happy healthy month ! 😊😊


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