Baby It’s Cold Outside

Hello, Blossoms.

It’s a month until winter, and winter here is never super cold but the nights and mornings can be pretty chilly. The ideas I have for your wardrobe and the brands I like to shop for would be suitable for mild winters, or for cold spring weather, so it covers a broad range of climates.

I love winter! Call me mad but it’s my favourite time of year, I love huge scarfs, thick socks, cozy nights, hot cocoa, and real fireplace fires. And I can’t not mention cute pyjama sets. It’s my favourite season for clothes, because you get to layer different pieces, and express your individuality more. You also get to hide when you have had too much pudding or too many hot chips.  Ohh and lets, not forget cozy candle scents which I, in fact, burn all year round.

Winter Must-Haves

A Huge Scarf – Invest in one that is made of good fabric and will last for more than one season, you can’t go wrong with a soft plain grey, a classic check, or something cute with pom-poms or with a print that is a talking point. I like scarves by Zara, Witchery, Seed, and Target.

A Longline Cardigan –  Cardigans which are a cross between a light coat, and a cardigan are such a good investment, I like wearing my grey one with a stripy top, and black jeans and I find it great to add height to my frame. You can find lovely ones by Zara, Tigerlily, The Fith Label, and Susan.

Hats – I love super duper love winter hats; like beanies, berets and big floppy ones. I have a big collection of beanies and they are such an easy way to add a point of interest to an outfit. I also get a really cold face and this helps. I like to find mine on Etsy, Thrifting, and at Dangerfield.

Ugg Boots – These are for wearing at home, and not so much for going out unless you are sick or tired or just dashing to the shops (I look silly in them but if you don’t go all out).  They now make lovely synthetic versions that keep sheep happy which you can find at Peter Alexander, Target and Myer.

Velvet – One trend I’m really loving this year is velvet, I bought a pair of black velvet pants recently to add texture and interest to my outfit. I also love the dusty pink velvet dresses and tie up velvet cardigans. You could also look into velvet bags or sneakers. Check out Zara and Topshop for velvet pieces.

Colour – Pink is massive this season, and if you can buy a cute coat or a pair of sneakers in a dusty pink or bright pink will add a touch of whimsy to clothes. Red is also huge. Any pop of colour in winter is beautiful, I personally love Navy and Green every season.

Sparkles – My mum has passed on her love of sparkles to me as I think they make a boring pair of jeans or a simple black skirt so much more statement. I love the idea of a sparkly silver top paired with a denim jacket, and skinny black pants, or a subtly sparkly dress for a fancy dinner. I would check out Topshop, Gorman, and Princess Polly for this.

Cowboy Boots or Sock Boots – Find any type of boot that you like that will add a pop of colour, texture or interest to an outfit, I personally love the sock boot trend currently, and always enjoy a cowboy boot. Check out Tony Bianco, I Love Billy and Gorman.

Statement Tees – A year-round piece that works with everything from jeans to velvet pants. I like white t-shirts with graphic writing. Asos, Princess Polly, Levis and Zara all have great options.

*Images my own or via Pinterest.❤️









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