Mothers Day Gift Guide

Firstly Mumma or Nana Rose, if you are reading this please stop in case I mention your gift! ❤️

I wanted to start by acknowledging that mothers day is not a happy day for all, and if this is the case for you then I’m really sorry and I will try and send good vibes your way on that day.❤️ Mothers Day in Australia is in mid-May so I wanted to brainstorm some ideas for myself, and for you lovelies.

Below is a list of gifts that I think would be lovely to spoil any female family member at any time, if you are a mother or female role model reading this, then I hope you are spoilt.  I’ve tried to keep all present ideas budget friendly, and ideas that cater to all different women. I have tried not to include anything Aesop in this list haha,


Marie Badescu Spritz Mist and Glow Set – I believe that this is a limited edition set brought out for Mothers Day which is rather cute, I love these sprays for when its warm outside, for setting my makeup, and for any time I need to take a breather. You also get one spray for free when you work out the cost. Two of the three sprays are vegan. $30 Au.

This Works Stress Check Face Oil – If you have budgeted for a big gift, this face oil combines skin benefits and anti-stress components in one luxury looking bottle.  If your Mumma, or loved one is stressed out for then this may be perfect for her. Vegan. $74 Au.

French Girl Facial Polish in Rose – This brand absolutely smashes it out the park with their packaging and formulas. This polish gets rid of dead skin cells and smells amazing while doing it. I buy this in store at Mecca but it’s also available online. Vegan. $32.

Pana Chocolate – This brand’s super cute vegan chocolate is healthier than most brands but doesn’t compromise on taste. I buy this at my local health store for $7.

The Physic Garden Winter Lips –  This mint and eucalyptus lip balm is wonderful at stopping those nasty dry, winter lips, and also smells lovely. This would be amazing paired with a pana chocolate as a little gift set. Aus $9.

 Lavender Oil-  A must have for any essential oil collection, one that helps all all sorts of things from insomnia to concentration.  Look out for one at your local chemist, farmers market, or online.

Urban Greens Seed Kit – If your fave lady has a green thumb, or even an aspiring  green thumb then this could be a gorgeous little gift. They have packs of seeds for different recipes like salad, pasta and salsa and each seed packet is one ingredient for that dish. $24 Aus.


Sprays –

Face oil –

Lip Balm –

Urban Greens –

 * Images my own or via Pinterest.

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