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Hello, my lovely good vibe tribe,

I apologise if my second post this week has been a little slow to come out, I currently have about 8000 words to write for University, so I’m feeling a little snowed under, but copious amounts of tea and dog cuddles is definitely helping.

I wanted to chat about the products I rely on for my self-care rituals, I’ve really tried to take better care of my body and my self this year when I can, and honestly when I remember to.  I think its so important to do this in a busy, crazy, intense world that we live in (cookies also help).  All products are cruelty-free to the best of my knowledge, and most are under Aus thirty dollars.  As always any products are linked at the bottom of the page. Let’s go loves.


New York Breakfast Tea – When I have lots to write, I rely on a good cuppa to get me through ( I sound like a grandma which I basically am lol), this one isn’t the cheapest brew out, but with its notes of vanilla, and cinnamon it tastes like pancakes so you can’t really go wrong.

Playlist –  Music is essential to my wellbeing, I have playlists for all different things, one for yoga, one for stress, one for study, one for parties, and the list continues. If you don’t already have a playlist for different moods, download Spotify, or open up Youtube and get on to it. I like Billie Ellish, Angus and Julia Stone, Lisa Mitchell, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Kite String Triangle and (old) Ellie Goulding for when I need to chill out. My other favourite playlist on Spotify is the one called ‘Grunge’ which is amazing.

Muscle Balm – If I’m sore from the gym, or have cramps, then this balm provides a sweet calming aroma, and a little pain relief which gets me through my classes, or through work, it works by lightly heating up your muscles. This company also does beautiful packs of products if you are looking for a lovely little gift.

Yoga Mat Spray –  I like to clean my mat with this lavender and pepper spray a few times a week as it smells wonderfully relaxing, and keeps it fresh. You can also make your own, Yoga with Adriene has a great tutorial on her Youtube Channel for this.

Dark Chocolate Rice cakes –  This is a slightly odd inclusion but I love to snack on these when I want to be healthy, but am also needing chocolate. I’m even an odd bean and dip these into my tea. Vegan and delicious.

Aesop Face Mask and Face Scrub –  I love nothing more than applying a face mask or doing a face scrub after a long, tough day being of being a human. I use the Aesop pimple mask, or their tea tree leaf exfoliant mixed in with my cleanser, these aren’t the cheapest but I invest in my skin, and I only do these once to twice a week.

Great British Bake Off – My boyfriend is a very cute person who got us watching great British Bake Off and it’s so good to watch to unwind and get rid of the day’s debris. It makes me want to whip up 30 different cakes, biscuits and scones in one weekend.  I watch it via the cheaper Foxtel setup that’s like Netflix.

Wishing you a month full of self-care rituals and things.❤️ * Quotes via Pinterest.


Tea –

Muscle Rub –

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