Let’s Chat… About Body Image

Hello sweet people,

First off I wanted to say that this post may be triggering for those who have had an eating disorder so it may be best to sit this one out. Wishing you many healing vibes. ❤️

Today I wanted to talk about body image, I personally have struggled with body image and wanting to be a perfect weight since I was about 12 years old, and still have really bad weeks where I just want to wear big black sacks and limit my calories and I just generally feel awful. My boyfriend and close friends have really helped me with these issues, as has my doctor.  I wanted to share with you the things that help me through a bad body image day or week or even month.

I also just wanted to add that body image has very little to do with your actual weight or appearance, I have been thinner than I am now and have still struggled. Its all about your own values, social constructs and other influences that add up to how you perceive your body. Very few people feel perfect about their looks, and most women would like a smaller waist or longer legs.


  • Limit social media accounts – I do not have an Instagram account because I know that it would make me feel bad about my body with all the ‘ fitspo’ accounts. If you do use Instagram consider logging out for at least a day and coming back when you feel better.  I also avoid magazines where only thin, perfect girls are portrayed, good alternatives include Frankie, Wellbeing and Elle.
  • Move – Moving your body can be such a powerful thing, things like yoga, dancing, rock climbing, cycling, and running show you just what your amazing body can do while shifting the focus away from how you look. I personally love lifting weights and yoga.
  • Think – This is a basic idea but keep in mind that so many people have issues with breathing, or walking or have never actually seen how they look. Practise gratitude.
  • Listen – What is your self-talk like right now? Are you thinking how curvy you are, or about a pimple on your nose, or about the dress you don’t fit in to? Listen to your mind chatter and change it. Think about the sunny weather or write a message to a friend or cuddle your dog or make a pot of tea. Don’t dwell.
  • Genetics –  Understand that some parts of your body can never change, and this is completely okay and is also the case for everyone even supermodels. I am never going to have long legs or straight hair.
  • List – Create a list of people of who you admire and ask yourself if their success was dependant on their appearance, ninety-eighty eight percent of the time their looks won’t have played any part.
  • Chat –  No one wants their friends or families to suffer from poor body image but it can be helpful to chat about poor body self-esteem with loved ones and hear about their experiences and what helps them.
  • Separate – When you are feeling flat about how you look, ask yourself if there are any other reasons as to why you may be feeling crappy. Have you had a bad day at work? Have you eaten enough? Have you slept enough?
  • Eat – Eat to nourish. How many green vegetables can you fit on your plate? What milk makes your body feel the best? Do you deserve to have a treat soon? Could you cook a new recipe tonight or download a new app for cooking? Think about these sorts of things rather than about calories.
  • Practise – Buy a book of affirmations and practise them each day in front of the mirror or to your loved one before you go to sleep each night.
  • Kindness – Be kind to yourself and practise self-care rituals, tell your friends and family how beautiful they are and why. ❤️ * Quotes via Pinterest.


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