No Pong Natural Deodorants


My posts may get a little randomly spaced over the next week or so as I’m going to see LANA DEL REY; who is my favourite, living breathing artist. Can’t cope. Anyhow moving right along from the boasting and onto deodorant.

I have recently become scared of putting chemicals and other nasty things near my armpits due to lymph nodes and hormonal disruptions and other scary stuff to read about.  You can read more about this;  I don’t want to make this post a scary one just explaining why I am trying to make the switch to more natural alternatives.

I have road tested each one over the last few months during my gym and barre workouts. One to thing to note with natural deodorants is that they do work differently to regular ones as they may not keep you totally dry but will prevent odours.  All products will be linked below. I will be rating each product out of five. * Images my own or via Pinterest.

Deodorant Testing 

Dr Organic Pomegrante Deodorant – Between you, me and WordPress I have no clue what a pomegranate smells like but I imagine it smells fruity like this baby.  This stopped me from being a smelly gal but didn’t stop me from sweating which I don’t mind. It’s easy to use and didn’t make me itch. 4/5.

Eco Sonya Coconut Deodorant – First up this is pretty expensive and for that is loses a point. I love the coconut smell and it does seem to make me sweat less and works well.  This definitely would be a solid 4 without the price tag. 3/5.

Aesop Deodorant – As a fair warning this really isn’t cheap and I only got to try it because I buy other stuff there a little too much. This is my favourite, it kept me dry and odour free during a sweaty betty type session and smelt amazing like a woody or oriental type perfume.  5/5.

No Pong Deodorant – Shout out to this guy for the inspiration for this blog post title. This is a paste which is really odd and a bit tricky to apply on the go. It does work though and smells like essential oils which is lovely. This isn’t vegan as I just found out so it loses a point due to the beeswax and another for being harder to apply. 3/5.

Botanica Crystal Roll-on –  This is really cheap and can be found at my local supermarket which makes it a solid option for a starting deodorant to see what formula you like. Its pretty good, nothing amazing but decent and does mask most odour and this was in a hardcore balancing type yoga session. I dont have a link for this one as I got it in the supermarket it. It also doesn’t have much of scent to it. 3/5.


Dr Organic –

Eco Sonya-

Aesop –

No Pong –

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