My Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello, my good vibe tribe.

My dog is curled up next to me on the couch after a bath and she has finally forgiven me for trying to blow dry her hair as its wet and rainy here and I didn’t want her to be cold. We are about to watch the new Batman cartoon movie with a new plot based around Jack the Ripper which I must admit I’m pumped for.

I should warn you that most of these palettes will be from Too Faced as my sweet boyfriend buys me one or two most years which I think is not only very cute but the palettes themselves are beautiful.  Also, I have collected my palettes over the years and do understand they can be scary expensive and I save up or ask for them for my birthday.

As a little disclaimer, any Nars palettes were bought before Nars went to China and changed their cruelty-free status. All available links will be posted at the bottom. Please let me know your faves in the comments!


Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette –  Oh gosh. This is amazing! If you like gold things, glitter and metallic then this may be the one for you. This is my most recent gift and I must admit I’m only using it for special occasions as its so pretty to look at but when I do the pigment pay off is wonderful. I love that it has a big gold section too as gold is great.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette –  This is the first palette I got from my honey so for that reason alone I love it, but it’s also wonderfully pigmented and I use a lot of the lighter colours as highlighters when I want a pop.  It’s great for day and night too.

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey Palette – My favourite thing food wise besides avocados and pasta is peanut butter, it’s my ride or die food. This smells amazing and has some super cute pink and brown colours in it and it’s great because it’s neutral and not sparkly so I reach for it a lot.  I like to layer the colours too. I’m afraid this was limited edition so I don’t have a link but you may be able to find it online on a place like eBay or makeup buy and sell groups on Facebook.

Urban Decay Brow Box – This isn’t an eyeshadow palette but I don’t want to do a whole eyebrow palette post as it would consist of two products and that would be a bit boring.  I must admit my favourite part of this is the mirror and I really enjoy the wax on its own as well.  The tweezers come in super handy too. I’m trying to be good and save and I must buy this again cause it lasts ages and ends up being good value.

Nars Cheek Palette – I don’t have the current ones available right now but I have one they did a couple of years ago which my beautiful mum bought for me and I use the highlighting colours all the time as inner corner eyeshadow and under my brow bone. I really enjoy the light blush colours too. I have linked one below for you to check out which is also the only one that isn’t too expensive in my mind.

Sportsgirl Eye Shade it in Chrome – If you like mermaids and unicorn type colours rush to Sportsgirl (or online) and get yourself this palette. They are wonderfully pigmented for the price and last well. Also great as highlighters.



Gold Chocolate –

Chocolate Bar –

Brow Box –

Rêve Salé Blush –

Sportsgirl Eye Shade  –

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