How to Fix all Different Types of Skin Problems

Hello, you lovely lot.

It’s beautiful and rainy today, and I am sipping on a coconut milk hot chocolate with maca powder; delish. My pupper is wrapped up in my hoodie sitting next to me and looks just a bit cute.

Yesterday I was thinking about all the different skin issues once can face each week, day or month. I want to discuss the skin products, tips and makeup applications that can aid in fixing, or at least lessening these skin issues. I don’t know about you but when my skin goes through a rough patch, it often means I need to step up my self-care and hydrate.  Please let me know if I have forgotten anything, or if you have any tips of your own.  I have a whole post on pimples on the blog.

The Skinny on Skin 

Dry Under Eyes –  Firstly give your skin a break from any alcohol or harsh based products, swap for soothing under eye creams, and under eye moisturising masks. Drink extra water, and apply cold cucumber slices to your eyes in the morning. As for makeup, go for a thin, non-gloopy concealer on top of an eye priming product , and skip the powder as that can make dry skin look worse.  Aesop does a wonderful under eye cream, and Bare Minerals has a wonderful under eye concealer for drier eyes.

Puffy Skin / Eye –  Firstly check you don’t just have hayfever or haven’t slept enough. Make a tea compress using two black or green tea bag and applying them to your eyes for ten minutes, then look for an eye cream with chamomile, cucumber, or arnica to depuff. Finish by putting two spoons cooled in the freezer for five minutes on each eye. As for makeup, use a soothing primer and wear blush and or highlighter to draw attention away from puffy skin.

Blind Pimples – These are the worst! Open up your pores, and soothe pain with a facial steam, fill a large bowl with hot water and any essential oils, and steam your face for ten minutes until you are all shiny and soothed.  I would recommend applying an invisible acne sticker, to the spot to stop you from picking it and then applying a little green concealer over the top, followed by a loose powder blotted over this to finish.  I love the acne products by Malin and Gotez, and of course Aesop control.

Tired/ Dull Skin – Gal/ Guy if this is you, you need to exfoliate! Now! This will get rid of dead skin cells, and give you a little glow. If you work in the city, your pores could also be all clogged up so make sure you are washing your face properly at night. As for makeup, apply a pearly highlighter to the places on your face that naturally catch light, and go for a radiance boosting, non-matte foundation.

Redness – If your skin is red, you need to pick products that are super gentle, and non-stripping. Go for thick, creamy cleansers, soothing moisturisers, and non-alcohol based toners.  Apply a face mask targeted to red skin, Ren does a lovely range called ever calm and I would recommend their mask. Ensure you are protecting your face from harsh weather including wind, and apply a green primer to counteract redness. Elf does a lovely one for pennies. I like their anti-redness setting powder too.

Dry Lips – I spend a large amount of winter with chapped, sore lips. I have been working on this and they feel a lot better. Firstly find a gentle lip scrub, I love the rose one by French Girl Organics and finish with a thick lip balm with SPF in it. If its super chilly or super hot out, I would recommend trying out a lip mask to help quench thirsty lips.  Lastly make sure you are drinking enough water and not eating too many spicy foods when your lips are sore. Avoid anything but tinted lip balm when you have dry lips.

Wishsing you all the good skin days 💕





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