Workout Tips To Steal From The Boys

Hello sweet peeps.

This post is bought to you by a girl sitting on the bus on her way to university; listening to Lana Del Rey ( as always) and researching what girls can learn from the way in which boys hit the gym. I have been researching how I can maximise my gym time, and build lean muscle mass and work on getting rid of fat stores. Please keep in mind that I am no expert, just an avid researcher into health and fitness.

I’m sorry to any guys reading this post, but I think this still applies to you just in a slightly different way.  These are the things you could also be doing at gym but the following tips are tailored to girls.

Lets hop into ideas and hacks for training like a ( strong) girl. * Also this completely isn’t meant to be a sexist article just some ideas for you to try. Girls are just as strong as men in beautiful and unique ways.


Cardio –  I’m not sure about you, but I don’t know many men who hit the gym to run an hour on the treadmill. Cardio has its place, but many women focus all their training on it, in the hope it will help them to shed kilos.  Boys focus more on strength training as they know lifting weight delivers total body results from fat loss to building lean muscle mass. Girls should do this too. And you won’t turn into a hulk as girls just don’t have the same building genes as men.

Goals – Men will often have a specific goal they want to meet such as growing their triceps or glutes, where as females often focus on wanting to be toned all over. It can be a good idea to focus each workout on a specific muscle area or goal. You should also include fun things like increasing your jumping range, or how long you can hold downward dog for. Be specific and get more results.

Compound movements –  Steal moves from the boys that use all your muscles and joints such as deadlifts, squats, bent over barbell rows, and tricep push ups for an effective calorie burn and metabolism boost.

Intensity – Although it can be good to push through a long workout, sometimes a high intensity, crazy workout you smash out in half an hour can be even better. Think about doing exercises such as planks, burpees and pull ups to work large muscle groups in a short amount of time. This also means you are less likely to skip out on gym due to time restraints.

Gear – I have always struggled in thinking that having a cute workout set, and lots of exercise equipment makes for a better session. It’s an expensive trap to get into.  Men tend to use what they have and wear what they want and don’t focus on what others think of them. They go to gym to do one thing and will do that no matter what. Having said that if you love cute active gear and you find it motivating that’s wonderful.

Music – My main man will listen to explosive workout music with artists like Eminem, and Childish Gambino, this is such a good idea for tough workouts to help push you through. Create different playlists for different exercises. Heavy base for cardio and lifting weights, and softer tunes for cooling down and yoga.

Protein – I’ve met boys who will eat two whole chickens in a day to add bulk, although most girls ( myself included) don’t want to get huge muscles, adding in healthy protein sources such as tofu, nuts, tempeh and fortified cereals can be a step towards feeling full, and gaining lean muscle.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found some motivation to hit the gym and be strong like a girl ☺️ 💕. * Pinterest quotes.


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