Natural Skin Care Hacks and Tips

Hello Darlings.

I thought it could be a wonderful way to celebrate the almost long weekend with a skin care post.  Showing your skin love can be expensive, and time consuming so it’s always wise to keep your finger on the pulse of any new, easy and cheap skin care solutions. I wanted to focus my ideas on natural and cruelty free ways to do this.

Any links related to skincare and this post will be posted below for you to look into further. I think when you talk about skin it’s also important to think your diet and environmental influences. Like if you work in a busy city, facial steams, and facials can be super helpful to get rid of dirt and debris stuck deep in pores.  Or if you work inside all day or live somewhere cold, think about where you get your vitamin D from.

Without further ado, lets go!

For Skin 

Facial massage – You know how your back or neck feels after a good massage? Your skin enjoys that feeling just as much. I watch youtube videos on this and will link them below; but basically you want to use your fingers to tap, and press gently along different parts of your face such as under your eyes, near your cheekbones, and along your temples. If you can I would recommend looking into a jade roller or regular roller to help with this. Check out your local health food store or hippy shop for this.  Amazing for stress, ageing and lifting.

Start sleeping on your back – I really am trying to do this because it stops your face from getting squashed, and squished throughout night. Sleeping on your back is ideal, since even pressing your cheek into a pillow can cause little lines and weird pillow marks. Make it even better by sleeping on a silk pillow case ( I won’t be doing this just yet because student life y’all).

Get your Downward dog on – Ignore how hippy this sounds for a second; when you do a pose like downward dog it sends blood rushing towards the face, making your skin momentarily more taut which gives you a natural glow and flush. Other poses good for this include happy puppy (my fave cause of it’s name), dolphin pose, upward facing dog, and tabletop pose.

Exfoliate – Korean women have beautiful skin, and I know some of them use face washers to exfoliate using upward motions. Look for a good, thick, rough cotton one for this and combine this with an oil or creamy cleanser for bonus points.

Green Juicing –  Try ingredients such as kale, carrot, cucumber, turmeric and ginger for glowing skin. I’ve linked more on this below. I sometimes like to make little juice ‘shots’ with kale, ginger and lemon juice. You could also make these ingredients in to icey poles on a hot day.

Witch hazel – Witch hazel is incredible, it works wonderfully as a toner for large pores and pimples, it can also help with under eye bags. If you buy some make sure its 100% witch hazel rather then a little witch hazel with fillers and chemicals.

Vegan Omegas – Skin loving omega 3 and 6 are often found in fatty fishes and seafood,  but you can also find these skin adoring good fats in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts and soy based spreads.

Pimples – Breakouts always seem to happen right before a big event. If you’re suffering from under the-skin pimples, try to bring them up to the surface with warm compresses and tea bags. After you pop the pimple using the hot water, soak a warm tea bag, and gently press the tea bag on the area for as long as you can. Use a green tea bag where possible.


Facial Massage Techniques –

Green Juice info –

Witch Hazel Benefits –





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