Monthly Favourites

Hello my lovely good vibe tribe.

I’m doing my monthly favourites a week early, as I have a pretty crazy week next week and monthly favourites is one of the posts that takes the longest to compile (not that I’m complaining I adore monthly favourites).

This month I discovered Foxtel, got my dog a koala shaped bear which she gets out when I talk on the phone, made vegan brownies and saw a magic show. I’ve also been trying to concentrate more on daily gym or yoga, no matter how busy or stressed I am ; its hard but so important for someone with an active mind.

As always the items are cruelty free to the best of my knowledge, and I have tried to keep all items under $50 and I have included my favourite quote of the month. I hope you have had a gorgeous, calm and fun February.   Links to all products will be at the bottom of the page and all prices are in Australian dollars.

Before buying any supplements or powders, be sure to check that they will work for you with your doctor, (not doctor google) as some things can cause drug interactions or make you feel crappy.

If you stumble make it part of the dance – Unknown. 


Maca ‘Latte’ – Maca is an incredible root that can help to balance hormones and boost your energy levels, it tastes kind of like honey ( but is vegan) and I’ve been using it as a latte base.  I mix together almond milk (regular or vanilla), and then add in ice, pumpkin spice mix and a little maple syrup and it’s so good. I’m looking forward to winter, when I can have it hot.

Hot Cross Buns –  When everyone is mad that hot cross buns are in store straight after Christmas, I’m happy because I love hot cross buns. I try to make my own so they aren’t quite so carb filled (but you need carbs too!), and like to have them with a big mug of English Breakfast.  I get my hot cross bun recipes from Pinterest and go for ones with almond or coconut flour.

Baked Sweet Potatoes – I love baking sweet potatoes for an hour, and then topping the beauties with black beans, salsa, avocado, cashew cream and corn chips. So darn good.

Makeup/ Skincare/ Beauty

Aesop Rose Hair and Scalp Mask –  For $35 dollars you get a huge tube of creamy, thick, rose scented conditioner,  I have damaged hair from colouring and using this once a week is really helping to heal my split ends. I put it in while watching a Tv show and then wash it out and always put a little extra on my ends as that tends to be oldest and most damaged part of hair.

The Ordinary 100% Organic Argan Oil – If you have thick, dry or unruly hair, argan oil may just become your new best buddy.  This one by the ordinary is also super great value, as you can pay up to $60 dollars for a good argan oil, and this one is only $13. I use it to smooth my hair, and apply to my ends to keep them soft.  If my hair is particularly dry or angry, I will put a huge amount in and sleep in it before washing it out. You can also use this as a face or body moisturiser.

Witch Hazel – I get eczema on my elbows and knees, although it stings I apply this and it seems to really help, I then follow with a good thick, oat moisturiser. Witch Hazel is kind of a miracle product, and can be applied to many different skin issues such as acne or enlarged pores. I’ve even got my dad on to it! I buy mine off the iherb app.

Tech/ Tv/ Internet

Mariah Leonard’s Youtube Channel – I dearly love makeup, and love to be taught anything I can about it as an amateur. I have learnt a lot about application, and products from this channel. She does videos on product reviews, how to looks, favourites and general makeup things. I like her calm voice and how relaxed she is with the camera.  It’s great it you want to do something a little more fancy for a night out.

Nike Training App –  I use this app most days when I do a workout at the gym or at home; its truly one of the best free apps I’ve ever used. It lets you choose your duration, muscle group and area you want to work on such as strength or mobility which is so great.  I got this off the Apple App store.

The Savvy Psychologist Podcast – These are little podcasts under 15 minutes, made by a psychologist with all different quick ideas and tips to make daily life better. I love listening to these while I clean or when I need to chill for ten minutes. Topics include; stage fright, feeling inadequate, dating ,meditation and all different other things. I listen on Spotify but I think you can also listen online.


Maca Info –

Hair Mask –

Argan Oil-

Mariah Leonard –

Podcast –

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