Valentines/ Galentines Gift Guide

Hello you lovely lot.

I wanted to start this post by talking about the pressure that Valentines day can bring if you are a single pringle, if you are not 100% content in your relationship, if you have recently been through heartbreak, or if you are struggling with your sexuality amongst a whole host of other things that could bring you down. Just try and remember that it’s one day and once it’s finished, you will have a new, beautiful non cupid day to enjoy and drink cups of tea in.  Do not pressure yourself into believing that others have a perfect relationship or life.  Create a day you love for you, with your favourite movies, food and music.

Having said that, I want to talk about cute little gifts for valentines whether that be for your significant other, bestie, mum, work colleague or pet. These would also work for anniversaries, birthday gifts or thank you gifts. Super sorry this is late, this weeks kinda crept up on me.   I have tried to cover budgets from beer to french Champagne. All prices are in Australian dollars, and as ever all products are cruelty free at this time. And no one can ever go wrong with the classic chocolates, or flowers in my humble opinion.

$10 to $15 

A fancy soap – I love gifting cute little body products, one good idea is collect fancy soaps throughout the year to give on days like valentines to your bestie, or mum or girlfriend/ boyfriend. If they are stressed perhaps a lavender scent, if your boy loves coffee maybe a coffee bar, if your bestie has trouble waking up in the morning a orange scent. I like the ones from Oh Deer Sugar, life basics, and Dr Bronners.  Look for ones with cute or elegant wrapping.

Hand warmers –  One of my close friends is always cold, and if I were to get her a gift for Valentines I would get her a set of hand warmers to keep her little cold hands warm during winter.  A thoughtful and unique gift. You could also make these using a Pinterest tutorial.  I have seen these at markets, at hippy shops, in asian shops and at chemists.

Luxe tea –  Along the same vein as a the same, pick a tea that could your loved one in some way; if they are an insomniac pick something with chamomile, if they are caffeine free make sure the tea is decaf, if they get stomach upset perhaps fennel tea, if they are a stressed mum something chocolatey or if you just want to say how much you love them find a pink or red tea for valentines. I love T2 tea, Yogi Tea, and Gypsy tea.

$20 – $30

A collar and lead set –  This could be for your best furry friend or for your loved one who loves their pet (this would be the gift I would get). Something cute and colourful. Check out Etsy, local markets, Hard to Find or pet stores for interesting ones.

Fancy deodorant  –  As long as your loved one wouldn’t take this as a hint they need to wash more, a lovely, natural deodorant can be a unique and caring gift to give.  I like the ones by Aesop, Black Chicken Remedies, and The Bearded Chap.

A movie night in basket – Fill a basket with a funny movie, snacks, warm socks, and hot chocolate for a movie night in. You can get the basket from a cheap shop, and the rest from a place that sells yummy snacks, and comfy socks like Target.


Tickets to see a show – This is what I got mine Valentine this year, tickets to see a show which he will love, I think this is a fun and interesting way to celebrate. Check out websites for specials on certain nights or for student discounts.

A makeup lesson or application – This is a wonderful idea for your bestie, your mum, or someone new to makeup. Its something that not a lot of people would buy for themselves which makes it really special.  Here in Aus,  I favour Mecca Cosmetica for makeup applications.

Fancy sushi date – Japanese places are often elegant and special to visit. I like to go out on special Occasions and try different new sushis, and sip Miso soup in a cute little dress.  I think your boy, bestie or girlfriend would really enjoy trying out some new restaurant depending on their favourite cuisine. Do some research online into reviews of restaurants near by and go from there.

A pair of amazing headphones – The gift of music, need I say more? I have heard great things about Sennheiser, Beats, Sony, and Jabra. If they are into sports, or gym look into over ear ones, if they are studying look for a noise cancelling pair.

❤️ And don’t ever forget about the importance of loving yourself.



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