Monthly Favourites

Hello lovely internet friends!

Goodness. Its almost February and that means two things; its closer to winter (my wimpy body cant take super hot weather) and monthly favourites. This month I stayed inside a lot to escape the heat, joined a lovely new gym, drank lots of ginger Kombucha and bought one too many moon themed items.  I also gave my poor little dog a haircut to help in the heat and will next time take her to a groomers even though it will make her grumpy,  because I really can’t cut hair.

As always the items are cruelty free to the best of my knowledge, and I have tried to keep all items under $100 (mostly under $50) and I have included my favourite quote of the month. I hope you have had a wonderful, relaxing and delicious January.

It was her chaos that made her beautiful – Atticus.


Pumpkin Sushi – Before I met my boy, I wouldn’t touch Sushi ( or avocado omg) but now I love it.  I adore the pumpkin sushi you can buy from proper Japanese restaurants which is often combined with avocado and teriyaki sauce. I think sushi is best when paired with green rice tea, pickled ginger and of course soya sauce. I have seen some great recipes for sushi on Pinterest.

Peanut Butter Bliss Balls –  Peanut butter is one of my favourite inventions. I like making peanut butter balls with oats, dark chocolate chips and banana; I also really enjoy the minimalist baker bliss balls which I will link below.  They are great for a after workout pick me up, or for work lunch boxes and they taste like candy without the guilt (not that you should ever have guilt for eating what you feel like).  You must try them with a big pot of tea and a movie. Bliss.

Seed Mix – This sounds like a potting mix, but I mean the hemp, chia, and flax seed mix I got from Iherb with a coconut flakes; it’s so delicious in smoothies and on top of museli or porridge. I feel like it does good things to my smoothies, by bulking them up and providing an abundance of healthy fats. Coconut is such a lovely flavour too.

Makeup/ Beauty/ Skincare

Designer Brands Longwear Foundation – This is a cruelty free, and much more inexpensive dupe for the Estée Lauder long wear foundation. It’s long wearing, smoothing and doesn’t make you appear as if you are wearing a mask. I also get change from a twenty dollar note.

Bean Body Man Scrub – I bought this for my boyfriend and he seems to be loving it. It’s a body scrub made of cofeee grounds, coconut oil, and has a vanilla coffee smell. It’s meant to be great at clearing up any skin issues, and the girl version is also great but is more finely ground. He likes to use it post run or workout to soothe muscles.

Aesop 50+ Body Lotion – This is meant to be used on you body for sun protection, but I mainly use it in my face as it’s a lot higher SPF then most face creams. I use sunblock on my face all year round, to prevent premature ageing and of course skin cancer. It has a spearminty, floral smell which I love and doesn’t make my face too shiny.

Tech/ Tv/ Internet 

Greys Anatomy – I watched this a lot when I was little, and didn’t really understand any of it, except that surgeons seemed cool. Now I’m watching it again with Tom, and I find it relaxing and easy to watch after a long day. It’s sort of like a more romantic/ funny version of the House Tv show which I also loved.

Yoga Studio App –  If I can’t sleep I like to do a ten minute yoga session, followed by a short mediation on this app. It’s simple, easy to follow, and the graphics aren’t overwhelming. I love the ‘earth’ mediation’s and the women’s soothing voice. It’s a bargain considering how much use I get out of it.

Lizzy Hadfield’s Youtube Channel- I may or may not have mentioned this wonderful lady before, her fashion sense is incredible and I love how she doesn’t hide her feelings or put heaps of makeup on in her YouTube videos. Her testing basics series is genius, and she seems like such a genuine and down to earth person. I also adore her matching blog; Shot from the street.


PB and Jelly Bliss Ball Recipe –

Coconut Seed Mix –

Designer Brands Foundation –

Coffee Body Scrub –

Aesop SPF Lotion –

Grey’s Anatomy season one overview –

Lizzy Hadfield Youtube   –











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