Lets Talk… Vegan Foundations

Are your looking for a great cruelty-free foundation? Then I’ve got you covered. I’ve created this list with more than one skin type in mind. The foundations mentioned below also vary in terms of coverage, finish, and ingredients, as to suit all skin types. Keep in mind that they’re in no particular order. I personally do not like the idea of putting on dairy products as my skin as when I drink milk or eat yogurt, I find it doesn’t suit my skin or my stomach, or animals for that matter.

I also want to discuss how to make foundation stay on and how to prepare your skin for your base of choice.  Putting foundation on totally bare skin isn’t often the best unless this works for you, in which case keep going. Also its worth while googling your foundation before buying incase its vegan or cruelty free status has changed. I don’t wear foundation everyday to let my skin breathe.

I have a button on the bottom of my blog which allows you to sign up to my Facebook page in one click, and it would be super wonderful to have you apart of it. I post lots of beauty bits, recommendations, recipes and photos of my dog.❤️  Now let’s discuss base prep, and then get into the foundations.

May your eyeliner be even and your foundation perfectly blended.

Steps to a Gorgeous Base

  • Cleanse and moisturise
  • Spritz skin with a water based spray, perhaps rose or cucumber water.
  • Begin using your finger to stop yourself from using too much product, foundation should still show your skin. If needed then blend out with a beauty blender or kabuki brush.
  • Apply foundation and then concealer, as this allows you to see where you need it.
  • If you use a powder to set your base, use a pearly one rather than a matte once which can make your foundation look like mask.
  • If you have dry skin, mineral and loose pigmented foundations may sink into creases, while liquid formulas can slide off oily skin.
  • If you have an event, or you live in a really hot or cold climate, consider buying a setting spray.

Vegan Foundations

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation SPF 15 –  This provides a full coverage look, and would be perfect if you need your foundation to be on all day and night.  It doesn’t cake but can look heavy if you are more used to tinted moisturisers or BB creams. Good for Oily skin types, and those who sweat off their makeup. A lot of You-tubers I swear by swear by this.

Bare Minerals Serum Foundation – This one is good for mature or dry skin types, as it contains nourishing ingredients and feels lovely on, plus it doesn’t set into fine lines.  I would set this with a powder to stop transferring of product.

Designer Brands Long wear Foundations – This may just be my favourite on the list as it is a great price, but feels like a high end formula, I have just ordered a second one. It gives medium to full coverage without being heavy or cakey – in fact, I don’t even feel like I am wearing foundation when I have this on. Good for most skin types.

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation – I was excited when I found out this is cruelty free, due to its low price point and impressive reputation. This is full coverage, and also contains concealing elements to it.  Good for normal, to oily skin and gives a matte finish.

E.l.F Acne Fighting Foundation – If you suffer from regular breakouts, this little guy may be perfect for you with tea tree oil and Salicylic acid, it provides sheer to medium coverage and wouldn’t be so good for those with sensitive skin.

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Foundation – I really want to try this as I always remember my mum wearing and loving their products when I was a little thing. This is glowy and lovely from the tester I tried and would suit dry or normal skin types.

* All products available from I-herb, Kmart, Mecca, or Sephora.

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