How I Build my Smoothies

Why Hello There.

I thought it could be fun/ useful/ interesting to discuss what I put in my smoothies and why ( I promise this is more cute then it sounds).  I have a smoothie most days for lunch; I try and put a lot of good nutrients into it as I’m not the best morning eater. When eating mainly plants it’s super important to get iron, and other things into you at least one meal a day.

If your short on time, smoothies are great as you can prepare ahead in freezer bags and they are quick and vitamin dense.  I also find they are good keeping my weight down when I’m consistent with them.  I don’t put every single thing into each smoothie, as that would taste really odd.

I personally love watching youtube videos of what people in eat in a day on Youtube! I thought this could be a similar fun thing to do on my blog. Lets get into it ❤️.  I will also include my favourite places to buy my smoothie add ins online.

Oh! and I use regular or vanilla almond or coconut milk as my base and coconut milk in a can when I’m extra hungry.

Chia or Flax Seeds – It’s pretty hard to find plant based sources of omega 3’s and both of these seeds provide them in abundance, they are also high in fibre and protein. I like to soak mine for half an hour before I put seeds into my smoothies as they then turn into a gel. They make the smoothie taste nutty which I love.  I use around a tablespoon.

Peanut Butter –  My favourite thing in the world besides animals, and cups of tea is probably peanut butter. I love the taste and find it really good before a workout.  I buy a natural smooth one and want to try the powdered peanut butter version which is high in protein.  A big spoonful is perfect.

Maca Powder – My sweet boyfriend bought me this and I love it, it has a sweet flavour and helps with hormone balance, which lets face it most girls need once a month.  I use a teaspoon per smoothie. Check to see if it interacts with any of your medications before buying.

Oats – Oats taste amazing and make a smoothie a lot more filling, they are also low GI and keep your blood sugar levels stable. I buy the quick oats as they blend easily. I use a little handful.
Cacao Nibs –  These babies aren’t the cheapest; so I only use them a couple of times a week. They taste kind of like a stronger milo, and contain lots of minerals and good fats.  Try and find some that are from Mexico or Spain as this means they are the real thing; I use a small handful.
Goji Berries – These red babies, contain skin loving vitamins and possibly help to combat cancer; they are quite tough and I recommended you soak overnight before using. They lend a sour taste to smoothies which is great to balance out sweeter flavours like bananas or cocoa powder.  I use 6 or 7 berries per smoothie,
Turmeric Root – Turmeric is an orange root that looks a bit like ginger and comes from india. It is amazing when you are sick or low on energy.  It’s wonderful in green smoothies and with citrus flavours.  I use a thumb sized piece.
Walnuts – This gorgeous brain shaped nut, is rich in omega 3’s and brain loving fats ; they can also help with brittle nails and hair. I like to put them with blueberries and bananas.  I also love almonds for similar reasons.
Websites I use ( I-herb is my fave).
Nourished life-
Flora and Fauna –



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