2017 Beauty Favourites

Hey Hey Lovely people.

I was thinking last night about all the beauty products that I found in 2017, which I’m excited to use in 2018 and I wanted to share them with you.

2017 was the year where I discovered Aesop (and gave up eating lol), and the year where I tried to be more vigilant about animal testing via parent companies. If you don’t know what I’m raving on about; it basically means that the company itself is cruelty free but the bigger company that owns them do test on animals, its a bit of a ethical minefield.

I’m trying to only use products which don’t have any associations with animal testing. Examples of companies whose parent companies test include Kiehls, Jurlique, Simple, and Redken. I’m basically only using Aesop on my face, and I don’t see myself changing as it works well for my sensitive and temperamental skin.  I have to save up for each product but when I get it it makes me one happy little bean.

Sorry I’l stop going on about animal testing and move onto my favourites! Please let me know anything I might love in the comments 💕.


Website – https://www.aesop.com. 

Parsley Seed Antioxidant Cleanser –  This is wonderful for getting in big nutrients into the skin before using a serum, and or moisturiser.  It also smells amazing and lasts around 5 months when using it at night.

B and Tea Balancing Toner – I like using this before I put on moisturiser to really soak in all the products, I find it removes any last traces of dirt or makeup and seems to help with my big pores.

Fabulous Face Oil – This has really changed the texture of my skin, and is helping with my little scars and also works beautifully to nourish the skin.  I follow with the camelia nut moisturiser which makes my skin supple and I hope it will stop wrinkles.

Chamomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Mask –  I use this once or twice a week to stop blemishes; I mix it in with a couple of drops of fabulous face oil so it doesn’t dry so heavily, and it makes it more of a moisturising ritual as well.

The Balm 

Website -https://www.target.com.au/p/thebalm-mary-lou-manizer. 

The Balm Tall Dark and Handsome Mascara  – I buy this whenever their products go on sale for half price at target. I waterline my eyes, and follow with this when I look tired and it really helps.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer –  This highlighter is beautiful and easy to apply; it’s what I cool ‘poppin’. I apply it on my cheeks, cupids bow, inner eyes and nose.  They also sometimes have a limited edition set of three, which I want to get sometime to try all of them.

Oh Deer Sugar 

Website – https://www.ohdeersugar.com/

Cookie Dough Sugar Moose – This is expensive for a body wash so I don’t use it everyday, but it smells like cookies and doesn’t dry out my eczema prone skin. I like how the formula is thick but not gloopy.

Grapefruit and Camomile Body Scrub –   I use this once or twice a week, and it makes my skin soft and helps with shaving bumps somehow.  I like how it uses almond and coconut flours.  Their christmas one given to me by a gorgeous friend, was also incredible.

La Girl 

Website – https://www.princesspolly.com/l-a-girl-brand. 

Pro Concealer in light –  I love how this isn’t too thick that it makes your skin crease , or so thin that it doesn’t cover anything.  The shop I buy it from often has 20% off so it normally works out to be under ten dollars and covers up blemishes easily. I use it under my eyes too, over the top of orange based one to hide dark circles.

HD Pro Setting Powder –  This is simple to use and does the job. Not much to say about setting powder except that I think it works well and keeps my makeup on when I wear it.

Noosa Basics 

Website –  https://www.nourishedlife.com.au/search.html?qs=noosa+basics.

Lavender Deodorant Cream – I’m a bit paranoid about putting chemicals in my armpits as its so close to your lymph node,s so I am always looking for natural deodorants that actually work and don’t make you smell; this does just that, and has a calming scent. Their coconut one is also great. This lasts forever.

Brow and Lash Revitaliser –  I started plucking my eyebrows when I was an angst ridden fifteen year old who should have known better ( sorry mumma ) and they still have tiny gaps; this seems to be helping and is a lot cheaper, and more natural then most products on the market.

Floss Picks – I’m not sure if this is beauty related or not but clean teeth to me, is a sign of beauty and hygiene.  These have charcoal infused into them and don’t hurt my gums.  I like how they look in my bathroom cabinet too.

* Oh Deer Scrub photo taken from Pinterest as my Scrub is almost empty and doesn’t look pretty right now. 👩‍💻




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