Things I Want to Invest in to Improve my Home ‘Space’


I’m about to start full time study again, and I will continue to work part time so I really want to ensure that my little home is comfortable, inviting, and cosy.  As a home body and someone who needs quiet and stillness to recharge I really place an emphasis on decor and on how a space feels.  I’m quite surprised that I don’t have crystals on every surface for a different feeling 😳.

Basically I want it to be the type of place where I want to run home to every night to study, chill and drink tea. I wont be buying these things all at once, but when they go on sale ,when I’ve saved upand a few them I already have or plan to buy very soon.

I personally love looking at house inspiration on Pinterest, through Tumblr, in magazines and also I get lots of inspiration from my mumma who spends hours and hours on making her house look great.  Most of these products are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.  All products are vegan and cruelty free.

Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to see on the blog during this beautiful, fresh new year!

Home is where you feel love within the stillness – Raquel Franco

A Himalayan Salt Lamp – I know some people say that these lamps remove negative ions, and bad juju and such; but I just think they look soothing, lovely and golden. I want to put this on my study table and bathe its golden light while I’m knee deep in an essay.   I think it cold also look super fancy in a simple bathroom or living room. I’ve seen these on Amazon and catch of the day for a steal.

More Plants – First up I just want to say that house plants do not have to be expensive; ask your friends or family for cuttings,  go to fetes and to second hand stores, and look out for garage sales in the paper who advertise plants. I love the idea of bringing the outside in and I find that green things make a space feel so much more luxurious and special. I would like to buy a peace lily, a snake palm and a fiddle leaf fig.  Right now I have lots of succulents as they are easy to grow and I get them free from my lovely mumma.

Candles –  I probably won’t ever be able to afford a house, because of my candle and avocado addiction.  But seriously I think candles are one of the easiest and cheapest ways (actually) to make a space cosy and inviting. I tend to go for pumpkin, spicy or baking type scents; my favourite brand is yankee candle.  I have one of their apple cider candles burning at the moment, and its just gorgeous.  Target is even upping their candle game.

A Pillow Spray –   One of the girls I’ve been watching on youtube, was talking about this spray that you put on your pillow and it makes the room and your pillow smell like lavender, but not in like an over powering weird aunty way.  I plan to buy this soon. I’ve heard the best things about the one made by ‘ This Works’.

A Macramé Wall Hanging –  I have always wanted one of these, it reminds me of something that my really cool grandma would have bought, which makes me want it more! I really like the idea of a mostly white space with little pops of blue, green (from plants) and black so I may get a black one. I love the hand made ones on Etsy.

Fairy Lights –  I have grown up surrounded by fairy lights and utterly adore them, I really want to buy some golden, white, sparkly ones to hang across my bed and some more to put outside.  I think the plain ones are much more stylish then the brightly coloured ones.

A Fancy Blanket/ Throw- I love those luxurious, soft blankets that you see in fancy high street stores, but the price tag always makes me shudder but this year I’m going to try and buy one.  I like the ones that look hand knitted and have really huge loops. Probably in grey! I love grey! I think I might get one from Etsy or Country Road.

Photo Frames –   All my photos are on my phone which is really sad. I like the ones you can hang in a row and novelty ones, like snow globes or with little dogs around them. I think its so important to put your family and friends (hello:dogs too) around you to look at on a bad day.

Pretty Plant Pots – I think I will try and enlist mumma to help me make some of these, using terracotta paints and waterproof paint. Perhaps with spots, eyes, and stars painted on them.  Great ideas for this on Pinterest. If you don’t feel like making them check your local nursery or fancy type gift shop.


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