2018’s To Don’t List

Bonjour! (figured it was time to take a break from saying hello first)

Along the same vein as with my Christmas post, I wanted to talk about the culture of bettering ourselves at the start of each new year, when in fact we may be pretty happy with how we are now or just not want to set unrealistic goals like giving up caffeine, losing 34 kilos before someone’s wedding, or running without getting out of breath when your an asthmatic like me.

I personally don’t set goals because it makes me strung out, and because I always have a list of things which I want to do throughout each year.  I guess you could also call this a ‘To Don’t list’ or ‘ This may or may not happen but I really hope it does list’.  I hope these are little things that you could try or things that make you think in some non scary way, about making yourself feel good on the inside in 2018.

Also if eating hot chips a few times a week or getting up at 11am each day is what you need for your mental health then you do you. If you hate yoga, kale and bullet proof coffees, and know more about Friends then you do about Stranger Things you are just as cool as the next person, I want to make my year less about judging me and this may also be good for you too.  Sending love, light and luck to each one of you for the new year. ❤️

The To Don’t List

  • Stop comparing myself to others – My poor sweet boyfriend has to listen to me endlessly ask if someone has smaller thighs, or if my yoga pose looks especially bendy, or if my pasta sauce tastes as good as some Italian restaurant (hint: never).In the age of Instagram, it’s all too easy to compare yourself to others. It may feel as though everyone else has the perfect job, the perfect body, the perfect friends and the perfect avocado on toast.   No one , not even Lana Dey Rey or the latest Victoria secret has the perfect life or thighs.  Love you and what makes you interesting.
  • Not listening to my body –  I love eating huge bowls of carbs sometimes but my body really doesn’t appreciate it, on a similar vein I also never rest when I have the flu and want to get better at this. If you are constantly bloated or get twitchy after eating too much sugar ( like me) perhaps cut back in 2018 ; or just prepare for all the food by drinking lots of water and considering a good multivitamin or greens based supplement.
  • Sweating too much over small things –  As someone with an overactive mind; if I end up with the wrong hair colour or the wrong milk in my coffee, I get stressed. If someone gives me a dirty look, or a dress doesn’t fit me I also get upset. This is bad and I want to do more meditation to help with this issue. People are starving and dogs are homeless and I’m worrying about not having almond milk!
  • Cutting back on social media – I check Facebook and Twitter, and Tumblr far too often as it stops real life social interactions, and buys into the whole comparison thing which i’m trying to stop. I also miss things walking along such as dogs to pat fresh mowed grass, and flowers to sniff.

Now some things I do want to do

  • Sleep more when I’m tired
  • Make more smoothies and green bowls
  • Take my supplements everyday
  • Do barre, yoga or swim most days
  • Avoid foods that make me bloated and sad
  • Try and not hate green tea
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Go to as many gigs as I can
  • Save up to travel more
  • Earn enough money to support Animals Australia
  • Avoid over processed foods where possible
  • Buy less cheap / on sale clothes that I don’t need
  • Grow an amazing garden
  • Stick to skincare that works for me
  • Use non toxic perfumes




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