Monthly Favourites

Heavens above as my granny Lu used to say ; its almost a new year!! That means I get to share with you the things I’ve been loving over the last month, but this time its two months, as I did a gift guide in December instead.  A lot of the things listed below are gifts, so thank you to my loved ones for making me feel special.

As always the items are cruelty free to the best of my knowledge, and I have tried to keep all items under $100 (mostly under $50).  I have also started the post with my favourite quote this month, which may well become part of my favourites segment.

If you have any cool beauty, plant based bits and bobs, or yoga based gifts or anything else cool, please shout out in the comments below.  I hope you all had safe, supportive, and magical christmases. ❤️  Links at the bottom of the page to all items available online.

These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.
Najwa Zebian


Linda McCartney Sausage Rolls – To my great excitement, my local supermarket has begun stocking the entire range of the Linda McCartney vegan and vegetarian products.  I like most of her products, but the sausage rolls were wonderful over the holidays as for some reason to me they seem festive. I like having them with a big green salad and sautéed sweet potatoes or regular potatoes. Green beans also work beautifully.

Olives –  To be honest  olives are always my favourite foods, but due to christmas I’ve lovingly been eating more of them at festive gatherings. I like mine on pizza, with pasta , in salads, in sandwiches and just on their own.  I like buying the mixed type and serve them in salads with avocado, cucumber, spinach, balsamic vinegar, and croutons for a light meal. Lentils also seem to work well with olives. The fresh ones from the deli are about 2000% better then the ones from a jar in the supermarket.

Almond and Chia Butter –  This stuff isn’t the cheapest and you don’t get a huge amount in the jar, but I like to add a little to my smoothies as it makes them so creamy. My favourite smoothie of the moment is, blueberries, almond milk, almond butter, vanilla essence and a frozen banana. If you are low on time in the morning, once a week chop up and freeze in zip lop bags all the ingredients for a weeks worth of smoothies. I also do this for green juices, during busy periods.

Makeup / Beauty / Skincare

Tacit Eau De Parfum – I was an extremely lucky girl to receive this perfume, (after many hints) from my mum for Christmas; I love the masculine quality of the perfume, and its long lasting power. I find the notes and scent relaxing and it reminds me of a tranquil spa or yoga studio. I have owned and smelt a lot of scents over the years and this is my favourite thus far.

Bath Brew – I personally do not take baths, but if I did I would rush and to try one of these beauties.  I bought this for my aunty for Christmas and I think she was happy. Basically, its a huge tea bag which you put into the bath and it infuses into the bath water. It has ingredients like clay, essential oils and carrot seeds. Would make a lovely, relatively inexpensive gift.

French Girl Sea Spray – I mainly love this for its simple packaging and french aesthetic; but its also natural, essential oil infused and makes you look a little bit like a mermaid. Works a treat if you put it in with braids, overnight.

Blogs/ Youtube/ Internet

Yoga With Adrienne – I’ve mentioned this before, and will likely mention it again. This is my favourite youtube channel, and during the festive season I have been getting up and doing a forty minute session most days.  I like her down to earth approach and the words she uses to describe each pose, and I think its pretty crazy that it’s all free. Yoga really quietens my overactive mind, like nothing else. Did I mention her dog??

Lucy Moon’s Tumblr – This is the accompanying Tumblr to Lucy Moon’s Youtube channel and blog. I like to look at her Tumblr as it’s beautifully laid out and it gives me ideas for interiors, for this blog and for my wardrobe. I watch most of her weekly videos and she seems lovely and gracious.

DIY Body Scrubs –  I make mine with lavender flowers, soft brown sugar and coconut oil or with olive oil , coffee grounds, salt, and any essential oils that I have around. They last up two weeks with fresh ingredients like these, or much longer with only oils, salt and sugar. I got this idea from Pinterest, which is why it’s in this section and not in the beauty one.


Vegan Sausage Rolls –

Almond and Chia Butter –

Tacit Parfum –

Bath Brew –

Sea Salt Spray –

Yoga with Adrienne –

Lucy Moon’s Tumblr – http://lucy–

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