My Go To Ten Minute Dinner

I wasn’t sure what to call this: ‘10 to 15 Minute high protein meal’, ‘ Scrumptious Vegan stir fry‘, ‘ Whatever you have in the cupboard meal’ or ‘Healthy yummy plant based thing’.

This is my favourite thing to eat when I’m hungry and need nourishment. It’s fast, comforting, filling and delicious with any sort of vegetables, carbs and proteins. Serves 2 hungry people, with leftovers for lunch.

Whatever You Have Stirfry

Olive Oil,  coconut oil, vegan butter or peanut oil.

1 block of firmest tofu ( or black beans, tempeh, veggie sausage).

Big handful of brown rice, pasta or quinoa.

1 onion (any will work ).

Thumb of ginger.

3 garlic cloves or heaped teaspoon of garlic powder.

1 cup of green vegetables ( I like brocollini and kale).

2 red capsiums or carrots.

Some sort of Asian sauce combo – Lime juice, teriyaki paste and extra garlic, or soya sauce, maple syrup and veggie stock, or soya sauce, coconut aminos and sweet chilli sauce.

Begin by cooking your choice of carbs; according to packet instructions and set aside.

In a large heavy bottomed frypan, in a little oil, fry the garlic, ginger and onion until soft and golden. Then add in your choice of finely chopped veggies and sauce. Sauté for 5 minutes until veggies are coated in sauce and are softened.

Now add in the tofu or tempeh and cook for another 5 until the tofu is brown on each side. I like to chop my tofu into thin strips (as I find it cooks the most evenly). If you are using canned beans simply add the veggies, and cook for 5 minutes until beans are coated in sauce.

Finally, add in your cooked rice or pasta and heat everything all together until hot and fragrant. Serve with coriander, cashews or vegan cheese. I also like to top with pickled ginger or avocado when I have it.





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