A Ten Minute Flawless Face

I’m struggling to type quickly at the moment,  as I’ve hurt my wrist exercising and I have it strapped: so I apologise for any typos or oddities if you have noticed any!

I wanted to share with you my daily makeup and skin routine, which is also the same as my  ‘going out ‘ makeup, just with less eyeliner and lipstick. In a pinch I can do this in five minutes if I rush, and don’t dance around to music inbetween applying each product.

Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin – Shu Uemura

Basic Steps

1. Cleanse / Tone / Apply SPF moisturiser.

2.  Apply a hydrating or colour correcting serum or primer.

3.  Your choice of foundation to smooth features ( I go for a mineral powder ).

4. Apply regular concealer and under eye corrector if needed.

4. If your skin is oily or eats up makeup like my own, add in a loose powder or setting spray (cheapies work fine for this).

5.  Intensify eye colour by applying a brow power or pencil ( I prefer pencil for precision).

6. Apply cream highlighter just below the brows, in a C shape around the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, and on the Cupid’s bow.

7. Apply eyeliner and or eyeshadow

8.  Curl the lashes and apply a lengthing or thickening mascara

9. Finish with lip balm, gloss or lipstick.

Makeup Touch Up Tips

  • Use a blotting paper to prevent shine
  • If you feel or look tired touch up your highlighter and mascara.
  • Moisturise lips after eating and apply more lip product of your choosing.
  • Use a thermal water spray in hot or humid weather.
  • To turn day makeup into night, apply darker eyeshadow, extra eye liner and some sparkly earrings.
  • For an instant update of your look, either put hair into a big bun or let your hair down.
  • When having a bad day, put on red lipstick !

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