Summer Vs. Winter Skin Saviours

Hey Hey.

I thought it could be fun/ useful to discuss what skin needs in summer, and in winter; seasonal changes really affect skin and when armed with the right products changes in weather can wreak much less havoc.

As a rule of thumb lighter products are best in summer and heavier creams are useful in winter. Having said this sensitive and dry skin types, need heavier nourishment year round and oily skin types need to be carful with heavy serums and creams.

Below I will be discussing products and tips for summer and winter.

Also SPF is always, always, always needed in some form no matter the weather unless you want to end up with skin cancer or the complexion of a pack a day 199 year old smoker.  Harsh but true my lovelies. As always I’m no skin guru just a true lover of skincare.


An Elemental Barrier Face Cream – This is esentially a super thick, nourishing and protective cream that will repair the skin after extreme cold or wind. Perfect for skin that gets dry easily and for those outside a lot. If you have oily skin look into an antioxidant rich serum instead. I enjoy the ones by Aesop, (shocker) Avène and Antipodes.

A Cream or Oil Based Cleanser – If your skin truly suffers in the winter, consider swapping your cleanser to an oil or cream cleanser, for an added layer of nourishment. I personally do not use cream cleanser but my mum uses the Avène one which she swears by. I would check out the ones by Origin and Bare Minerals as well.

A Hydrating or Sheet Mask –  Once or twice a week it can be a lovely thing to do a pampering, hydrating mask while sitting on the couch with a big mug of cocoa. I like the ones by Mecca Cosmetics, Say Yes toand Sukin.

An Antioxidant Toner – After cleansing adding in an antioxidant based toner can help to keep your skin supple and healthy until summer comes ( I use mine all year round to prevent ageing). I use the Aesop toner  and the ones by Natio and Origins also have good reputations.


SPF Everything – I’m talking the whole shebang. SPF Cream, moisturiser, primer and foundation should all have some SPF to them where possible. Most imporant is the SPF cream. Don’t forget SPF lipbalm too. If you have oily skin go for a matte formula, and for dry/ worried skin look into cream based ones.

A Spray On Moisturiser – If you work all day in air conditioning your skin is going to suffer. Consider keep a spray on moisturiser or spring water spray on your desk to stop your skin from drying out. Get the cheapest one you can find as they are mostly the same but some just have fancy smells (check cruelty free status).

Vitamin C products – Vitamin C adds an extra boost to sun protection and is one of the few products that has actually be shown to prevent premature ageing. I haven’t added this to my skin routine yet, so cannot comment on product suggestions.

Pimple Cream – This could just be my skin but in summer I tend to get more pimples due to the extra oil production, and always have a good pimple cream on hand. I use the Aesop Control, and the Origins spot cream is also very good.

Lip Balm – As well as an SPF lip balm, a heavier lip balm at night can be a wonderful thing to keep lips from drying out. I use good old Paw Paw ointment before I go to sleep. I also really like the Palmer ones.








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