Gifts for the Beauty Devotee

I cant help it. Beauty needs a whole gift guide to itself! Don’t be mad 😅🙊💄.

There is something about beauty, which allows one to face whatever type of day is ahead and I think this idea is an important one. Beauty is a type of armor and this should be celebrated.

I think that when it comes to gifts; giving someone a new lipstick to suit their hair colour or a face mask to help with their congested skin, shows a real level of care and understanding of that loved one. And do not be fooled; men also love to be pampered and have healthy skin! This is most definitely a unisex gift guide ( aside from makeup for some men).

This post will cover skincare, makeup, beauty gifts and ideas for spa treatments. All items metioned are cruelty free, and I have tried to cater for all budgets. A lot of the products are also vegan.


Aesop Gel or Cream Eye Treatment – Eye cream is a real luxury for tired eyes and I think it makes a wonderful present, because by many it is considered to be an extra. If your friend has oily or combo skin (or young skin) go for the gel and for mature or dry skin pick the cream formula. $70 to $90 Aus. If you don’t know their skin type I would go for an antioxidant based one.

A Luxury Makeup Remover  – Turn the somewhat mundane process of makeup removal into a luxury by picking up a fancy makeup remover for your loved one (preferably in a glass bottle). Check out the ones by Mecca Comestica, Antipodes, Avene and of course Aesop. $15 to $30 Au.

Sheet Masks – If have a smaller budget but still want to spoil your bestie, consider a sheet face mask for him or her to use before a night out or special date. Asos, Palmers, Mecca and Bare minerals all do a nice one. $5 to $15 Au.

Eyelash Serum – This is an amazing gift for anyone, but especially for someone who has been through chemo. I believe that revita lash is very good and you can also make your own serum from a Pinterest recipe. Also great for eyebrow growth after over plucking. Around $60


An Hourglass Lipstick – All hourglass products are incredible and their lipsticks are no exception. I’m not going to specify which one to chose, because I do not know your friends colouring or formula preference. When in doubt pick a nude colour and go for a non liquid formula. $40 to $60 Au.

A Fancy Mascara – Nothing opens up the face quite like mascara. If you can, when you next see your loved one try and work out if they need volume or length or both. Check out The Balm, Hourglass, Bare Minerals and Nyx. $15 to $40 Au.

Ciate London Nail Set – This is most festive and gorgeous nail set housed in a little globe; which I think would be perfect for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of face makeup, or for someone you don’t know super well.  I think the price point is resoable at $42 Au.

Spa Ideas

Men’s Facial – This is a lovely idea to spoil your main men this Christmas (boyfriend, dad grandpa etc). Look for an exfoliating or massaged based one. Also a good way to introduce men to skincare.

Hot Stone Massage – This would be perfect for someone who is overworked, does manual laber, or for someone with small kids.

Expert Brow Shaping – If you know someone well, a lovely gift could be an expensive and luxurious brow shape and tint. I’ve been to Benefit for this and it was very good. Only do this, if know that they wouldn’t think you are suggesting they need their brows fixed. God forbid.

Other Beauty Gift Ideas 

  • Something little and scented like a lip balm or soap bar
  • Highlight palette
  • A set of soft face washers
  • A coffee scrub
  • Men’s shaving brush
  • A serum for their skin type
  • Morrocon hair oil
  • A Christmasy bath bomb
  • An expensive shower or bath gel
  • A voucher for a mani or pedi
  • A ring and a nail polish to match ( I love this)









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