A Gift Guide For all Sorts of People


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This month’s favourites is being replaced by a gift guide for you know what (Christmas) despite the fact that it’s about 1000 degrees where I am and Mariah Carey’s songs playing in shops drives me mad; I love Christmas.  I’m even forcing mumma to make potato printed wrapping paper and pom pom ribbon with me, while listening to 1920’s or 30’s christmas songs.

Lets get gifting! (or at least staring out our bank balance somehow hoping it will magically increase in time to buy presents). The presents will range from 10 to 100 dollars, and I hope you will find one gift to give this Christmas lovely people. All beauty items are cruelty free.

For the Avid Tea Drinker 

Organic Honey Spiced Chai by Love Tea – For some reason Christmas in my head is similar to a chai tea mix; spicy, warming and joyous.  This one has the addition of honey for a clever twist on the classic brew and retails for $20 Au. . https://lovetea.com.au/shop/honeychaiorganic/.

20 Favourite Sips by T2 –  This pack celebrates the 20 most popular teas at T2 in the last 20 years and would make the perfect present for someone who hasn’t had the pleasure of trying T2 tea.  This baby retails for $35 Au. http://www.t2tea.com/en/au/gifts/tea-packs/20-favourite-sips-T145AK292.html

Vintage Orange Polka Dot Teapot via Etsy  -This is a very cute teapot which would fit in a good amount of cups of tea for a crowd, and I love the wooden handle for ease of picking up and for that retro factor.  If you want this I would get your skates on as I believe it’s a one off. Retails for $95 Au.https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/522401611/vintage-retro-orang

For the Pet Lover

Personalised Frisbee via Hard to Find – An adorable and thoughtful gift for the recent puppy owner, or energetic bigger dog owner present. This beauty costs $30 Au. https://www.hardtofind.com.au/111477_personalised-round-rope-frisbee

Pet Ball Fetcher via Hard to Find – This incredible invention allows cats and dogs to play ball while you are at work or even more fun while you are at home to join in on the fun. Costs $90 but I think it would be so worth it. https://www.hardtofind.com.au/124132_ifetch-frenzy-ball-dispenser-for-pets

Personalised Pet lead by Pet Collars – Get your dog or cat or rabbit a new lead with their name on the end for $18 Au. https://www.petcollars.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=58

For the Recent Vegetarian or Vegan / Avid Cook

Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon – One of the best cook books I have owned and is a favourite of many cooks, vegan or not. Costs around $40. https://www.petcollars.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=58

A Good Vegetable Peeler – I was gifted this a couple of years ago and thought the person was sexist and mad but now I love my peeler as it makes dinner so much quicker. I think this is the kind of gift that needs to be brought it store. If you want to really spoil someone go for a swish army branded one. Amaze.

A Set of Vegetable Seeds – There is nothing quite like eating a home grown cucumber in a salad or a fresh chilli in your curry. If this person also loves gardening then this could be the perfect gift. Seeds start at Au $4 and they are best bought from a nursery.

For The Traveler

Personalised Passport Holder From Hard to Find – A luxurious and useful gift that will be treasured. https://www.hardtofind.com.au/159156_personalised-genuine-leather-passport.

An illustrated Map –  My local book shop sells these incredible, illustrated maps of different cities such as London, Paris and New York. So go on a hunt for such a thing at little artisan book shops and gift shops( what a wonderful excuse to go to gorgeous little shops).

Aesop Jet Set Kit – I don’t think you could get any better in life, than traveling with a set of Aesop products to a new country. This is very much in the pampering and spoiling gift which would be perfect for a tired person about to go on a holiday. I think this is a good price point at $37 Au for four small Aesop products. https://www.aesop.com/us/p/kits-travel/travel/jet-set-kit/

For the Beauty Obsessive  

Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Mask –  This wouldn’t be my gift guide if it didn’t include at least one Aesop product.  I love this mask, and consider it vital to my weekly skin care routine as it saves my pores and halts blemishes.  I use this twice a week and it retails for $45 Au which I think is great for the quality. https://www.aesop.com/us/p/skin/treat-masque/chamomile-concentrate-anti-blemish-masque/

Butter London Little Gems Nail Polish Set from Nourished Life –  These gorgeous mini nail polishes are cruelty free, vegan, and non toxic ,and therefore do not smell like something you would clean your floor with. I love the rosy and gold colours in the set, and it retails for $35 Au.  https://www.nourishedlife.com.au/natural-nail-polish/1185365/butter-london-little-gems.html.

Inika Day to Night Eye Palette – These colours are inspired by the earths colours and I adore that they are more matte colours which means they will be universally flattering. Its a vegan makeup company who also do a great mascara and matte lip colour. Retails for $79 Au. https://www.nourishedlife.com.au/natural-nail-polish/1185365/butter-london-little-gems.html

Random Cool Gift Ideas

  • A set of funky socks
  • A handmade mug
  • A set of cocktail herbs
  • A ice tea maker
  • A fancy hair brush
  • A dog pool (if it’s hot like here)
  • A home made brownie or cookie mix jar
  • A magazine subscription
  • The things you need to start a bullet journal
  • A gorgeous night light
  • A fiddle leaf fig indoor plant
  • Unusual dainty jewellery pieces









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