Peanut Buttery Soba Noodles with Tofu

Between you, me, and WordPress I have a bit of an issue with peanutbutter! I put it on porridge, pancakes, salads, in cakes and in biscuits and even on apples and pears. It truly is the glue that holds my life together 😂.

This combines three of my favourite things; ginger, peanutbutter, and tofu. It is vegan, filling, and packs a protein punch; plus it makes my kitchen smell like the local Asian markets which I love.

This serves four people or three super hungry ones. Feel free to use different vegetables or tempeh instead of tofu.

Peanut Soba Noodles

For the Noodles

1 tablespoons olive or coconut oil

1 packet Soba Noodles

4 garlic cloves

1 bunch of spring onions

2 capsicums ( colours of your choice)

1 bunch brocollini

1 packet firm tofu

For the Sauce

4 tablespoons natural peanut butter

2 tablespoons tamari or soya sauce

1 tablespoon teriyaki sauce

2 teaspoons brown sugar

Juice and zest of two limes

Cook the tofu in a little olive oil over a medium heat until golden but still firm. Set aside.

Finely slice the capsicums and spring onions, crush the ginger, halve and finely chop the brocollini stems and crush the garlic.

Make the sauce by combining all ingredients in a blender and blending until smooth but still thick. If it’s too sweet for you add in more soya sauce or if it’s too sour add in a little more sugar. (If you don’t have a blender mix all ingredients together and crush the garlic cloves in).

Prepare and cook the Soba Noodles according to packet instruction.

In a large flat wok; fry the olive oil and all the veggies over a medium heat until vegetables are golden and soft. Gradually add in the peanut sauce until the vegetables are coated before adding in the Soba Noodles and fried tofu. Cook for another ten minutes until all ingredients are coated and smelling delicious. Serve with extra lime juice and coriander leaves.

Organic noodles are best!
Lovely incredible Ginger
Colour 😍



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